Young Ponies for Sale

If you’re looking for young ponies for sale, whether you want a show-jumper, first pony, pony club pony or a specific breed such as a Shetland, there are a few tips you should follow.

1. First pony? Buy trained

If you are an inexperienced owner then it’s essential to buy a trained pony. You may be tempted to find a young pony, but this could be a mistake. An older trained pony is likely to be calmer and easy to manage.

2. Ask lots of questions

Don’t buy the first pony you come across. Instead view numerous ponies and ask the owners plenty of questions. Ask about the pony’s temperament and background, and ensure you ride the pony or see it being ridden.

3. Never offer money upfront

Never put down a deposit on a pony before seeing it. This could be a costly mistake if you change your mind, and could potentially be a scam.

Viewing numerous horse ads online will help you to find young ponies for sale in your area. The Horse Exchange is an equine website that has countless listings of ponies and horses for sale