The Scales of Training

The Scales of Training are a guide line of for trainers, riders and judges in the basic training of a horse. They are the building blocks to the horse and riders development. Starting with rhythm, then suppleness, contact, impulsion, straightness and finally collection.



Increased engagement, lightness of the forehand and self-carriage. Weight should be on the horse’s hind-quarters.
Straightness Improved spinal alignment and balance. Equal loading, the horse should stay between the rider’s reigns and legs
Impulsion Increased energy – lifting and power of the haunches. The hindquarters provide the thrust for the movements
Contact Acceptance of the bit through acceptance of the aids. Communication through the seat, legs and reigns. Connection
Suppleness Elasticity and Relaxation

Lateral and longitude suppleness

Rhythm Regularity with energy and tempo

4 beat walk, 2 beat trot, 3 beat canter – consistency