About Us

About Us

The Horse Exchange was founded by Emma Higgin based in Cheshire. Emma has been deeply involved in horses all her life from pony club whilst growing up to working and competing in Ireland. On returning to the UK Emma then worked within the racing industry and built up an extensive knowledge of thoroughbred pedigrees as well as how professional sales companies were operated. Emma’s children are all keen riders and have competed both in the UK and internationally.  

Through Emma’s network of equestrian friends and acquaintances The Horse Exchange evolved. Emma believed that the ‘grapevine’ was the safest method of find a horse or pony and this is the foundations of The Horse Exchange. These values have been transferred online with the mission of providing buyers an in-depth study of each horse leading to clients experiencing a seamless purchasing process.  

When Emma retired in May 2018 The Horse Exchange – Equine Marketplace was taken over by Fiona Blaxland. Fiona is hugely passionate about the equestrian industry and aims to develop The Horse Exchange website for a complete equestrian experience online.

Emma and her husband Nick now manage and run Horseshoe Art that create visually appealing works of horseshow metal art, wall art and display art.

Fiona Blaxland and horses at her stables

“Having my own horse was the only things I ever wanted to do growing up. I spent all day dreaming of galloping a horse across the country and studying horse magazines cover to cover.  

We had an old stable block and paddock in the garden that I could see from my bedroom window and every Birthday and Christmas I would ask my non-horsey parents and Father Christmas for a pony… And then proceed to list all the items a horse would need… saddle, bridle, brushes, boots etc.  

I was extremely fortunate that my parents brought me a horse for my 12th Birthday and lucky to say I have never looked back, I even took my horse to University with me! 

I have been an active member of Eridge Pony Club until I was too old to re-join with Pony Club camp always being the best part of the summer holiday! I hunt with the Coakham Bloodhounds and past Master Nic (RIP) and Sue Wheeler have become lifelong friends. I competed for my school, St Leonards Mayfield in East Sussex, in the NSEA competitions and individually enjoyed competing through British Eventing. 

I now regularly ride for Rother Valley Riding Club. Both the Pony Club and Riding Club are such wonderful organisations I would encourage anyone interested in horses, no matter if you only enjoy hacking and dressage or want to jump and be competitive at a Championship to join your local riding club and pony club. I have met some many interesting and wonderful people through riding and have had so many hilarious moment and memories from horses that I absolutely treasure.”  

In 2021 I married my lovely husband Dominic. Although Dom’s first love is rugby, having previously played professionally and still running out for our local club these days, he shares my passion for animals and horses. He enjoys the thrill of galloping fast across the Sussex countryside and jumping big fences! Dom is also extremely good at making things…and fixing things which is very useful when you have horses! We were joined by our gorgeous daughter, Clementine in 2022.

My aim is to provide an online equine marketplace that appeals to everyone whilst remaining true to the values set by Emma Higgin. We will continue to monitor all new entries placed on the website and will be available at horse shows and events across the UK. Please do come and introduce yourself and your horses as we would love for you to feature in one of our articles.

Many thanks,  

Fiona Sewell (nee Blaxland)