Advertise With Us

Advertise – Advertising on The Horse Exchange consists of two primary opportunities. These options allow you to push your Equestrian based Product or Services infront of people looking to buy and sell equestrian products.

To advertise with us you must be a registered member of the website. Once registered you can go to My Account and click “Create a Advert”

The Business Directory

Our equestrian business directory allows you to post a detailed listing of your Product or Services to prospective customers.

We have designed each listing to maximise your presence across the website. All directory listings get the opportunity to be inside the featured box at any given time.  For all businesses that also list products/horses on THEX we also match the listings you post to sit below your business page.

A business directory listing costs £120 per year and the purchase must be made by a debit or credit card via our payment gateway.

Adding your Business is simple, you will need the following information:

  • Company Name or Business
  • A Business Description
  • Company Logo or Graphic (We reccomend a logo centered inside of a 400px X 400px image)
  • Contact Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Website Address (URL)
  • Business Address
  • Post Code

Sidebar Advertisement Blocks

We also offer sidebar advertising across the website, this adverts appear randomly to all users across the website based on the locations picked when setting up the advertisement. All advertisements are served randomly but gain equal exposure to customers on the frontend of the website.

When you ad an advert you can select three categories to be listed in as part of the set up fee, with additional categories costing a small extra amount per category. Each advert costs £50 per month with additional categories costing £1 per category.

Adding an advert is simple, you will need the following information:

  • Company Name or Business
  • Website Address (URL)
  • Banner Advert Graphic (We reccomend a 325px X 325px image animated gifs are also supported inside the system)
  • Categories you want to be displayed in