Ways to Sell a Horse in the UK

If you need to sell a horse in the UK then you’ll want to gain access to as many buyers as possible, thus achieving the highest price for your horse. Whether you have a crossbreed, thoroughbred or rare breed, there are a number of methods to finding a buyer.

Word of mouth – If you’re a member of a local riding club or a breed organization, then you may be able to sell your horse by word of mouth. Ask other members if they know anybody that would be interested in buying, or put up a for sale poster at the stables.

Magazines/Newspapers – A local newspaper may be worth a try, but your ad is unlikely to be seen by many potential buyers. Horse magazines, such as Horse and Hound, allow classified ads but these generally come at a cost.

Online adverts – Putting an advert on a dedicated equine website is an excellent method of getting seen by hundreds of potential buyers. Many websites offer paid advertisements, however The Horse Exchange –is a website that allows you to place a horse for sale advert for £20 including 5 photos or videos.

As you can see, there are many ways to sell a horse in the UK! The best thing you can do to sell your horse is to utilise as many methods as possible.