Vet: Can I call my vet during lockdown?

The equestrian community have been concerned, since the country has gone on lockdown due to Covid-19, as to whether they can call the vet for their horse. The Horse Exchange can explain when it would be necessary to call the vet.

The British Equestrian Veterinary Association (BEVA) have advised the following for their members:-

  • Stop all vet routine procedures
  • Stop all pre-purchase examinations
  • Stop any routine dentistry
  • Stop all routine health checks / poor performance / mild lameness examinations
  • Postpone all routine six-monthly influenza booster vaccinations for 1 month – when this will be reviewed
  • Telephone and video consultations should be used where possible

“Routine stud/reproductive work raises particular questions. On the basis of the government’s advice, and despite the ability to mitigate risks, we are currently struggling to see how this type of service is essential for animal welfare. However, we appreciate that this has far-reaching implications beyond the veterinary profession, and we have sought guidance from government and are in discussion with the breeding industry; we hope to provide further direction soon.”

You can call your vet for an emergency. Vets will still be open 24-hours a day for emergency service for accidents and illness should they be required. Should you need to call the vet then when they arrive on site, the government guidance on social distancing must be followed. You should stay 2 meters (6ft) away from your vet and provide them space to work.

***Please note that the above article was factually correct at the time of publishing. Since then restrictions have been updated that now allow Vets to carry out routine vaccinations on horses.