How to sell your Horse or Pony

How to sell your horse or pony – Selling your horse is not necessarily easy. With a bit of luck, someone you know will want a horse, and yours will be suitable. Alternatively, there may be a friend of a friend in the market for a good horse. But life doesn’t necessarily work like that. Instead, you may wish to turn to the Horse Exchange.

The Horse Exchange was founded as a way of formalising all the informal ‘putting people in touch with other people’ work that she was doing to help friends and acquaintances to buy and sell horses. When you have a horse to sell, you need to fill in a form, with details about the horse. It’s a bit more detailed than other sites may require, but should take you no more than about ten minutes. THEx suggests that the extra time is worth it to ensure that only people who are really interested get in touch with you about the horse. And it also makes sure that only those who are genuinely interested in finding the right new home for their horse fill in the form. THEx only accepts genuine advertisements.

To find out more, or to sell your horse via the website, visit