How Many Calories do you Burn?

Calories – did you want to start the New Year by getting a bit fitter? Did you join the gym with the view of losing some of the Christmas gain? But as we head towards the end of January 2020 has the motivation started to slip?

Well – good news! Using a Fitbit, The Horse Exchange have worked out an estimate on how many calories you burn day to day riding and looking after the horses.

If you own or look after a horse you tend to be outside exercising and building muscle without thinking about it – from mucking out, to riding, moving hay bales and walking courses at shows. The steps count!

There are varying factors to take into consideration such as weight, age and current fitness level, however looking after a horse means that staying in bed is not an option therefore you have to get going and be active.

Activities around the yard Calories per hour
Mucking out 550
Grooming 525
Walking to the field 335
Yard maintenance 140
Chasing after a loose horse…. 550
Walking the cross country course 600


Riding a horse Calories per hour
Walk 168
Riding trot 420
Sitting trot 450
Canter 514
Gallop 558
Jumping 560