Horses for sale on THEx

Buying a horse is no different to buying any other high value item from someone you don’t know. It’s always best to follow some standard best practices when dealing with the purchase! It’s important that you do a thorough check on the horse before handing over any money so, to help you along, we’ve produced a few tips for when you go to view any horses for sale. Take a look at our quick tips:

The Horse – Does the horse look tired, low on energy and generally lethargic? If so, it’s possible that the owner has sedated the horse before you arrived as a way of hiding any off-putting behaviour.

Environment – Where is the horse kept? If you visit the horse at the owner’s stables (as you should be doing), then what is the general upkeep and cleanliness of the property like? How well the house is kept will give you an idea of how well the horses have been treated too.

Instinct – Last of all, what does your gut tell you? You will have subconsciously picked up on countless little things during the meeting and will have formed an overall feeling about both the horse and its owner – don’t ignore it!

If you would like to see horses for sale, just visit The Horse Exchange website