Horse Trailers for Sale on THEx

If you’ve got a horse or pony, and you’re finding that you need to transport it more and more, perhaps to shows or events, or even just to the vet from time to time, it may be time to invest in a horse box or horse trailer. If you’re not sure of the difference, horse boxes have an integrated cab, and horse trailers hitch onto the back of a car. And when you’re planning to tow a horse trailer, do make sure that your car will be able to do that, as some of the bigger trailers need a 4×4, or even a van to tow them.

Buying a horse trailer, or indeed other horse products, is always going to be easier with a reliable source. Emma Higgin set up the Horse Exchange as a way of matching potential owners with horses for sale: in a way, she’s extended her personal network of friends and acquaintances to the internet. By requiring detailed information from sellers, she’s able to ensure that horses are good quality. Fiona brought the online marketplace in May 2018 and has rebranded the company allowing for clearer advertisements of all equestrian related products and services. The Horse Exchange includes advertisements for horse products, such as horse boxes and horse trailers.

To find out more, or to browse the selection of horse trailers available for sale via their website, visit THEx marketplace.