Horse First Aid – Essentials for your lorry

As the eventing and horse show season starts again at the beginning of July 2020, it is always important to check your horse first aid kit and ensure that you have the correct items in the lorry when you go to a show.

The Horse Exchange have put together a basic horse first aid kit list of items that will be useful when treating an injury. It is always advisable to keep the contact number for your vet and your horses insurance details.

  • A clean bowl
  • A small pair of battery clippers for trimming hair from around wounds
  • Hibiscrub
  • Scissors
  • Cotton wool
  • Melolin or other non-stick dressing in a variety of sizes
  • Soffban (roll of non-adhesive bandage used to provide some padding within a dressing)
  • Knitfix or other conforming bandage
  • Vetrap or other self adhesive, elastic bandage
  • E-band or other tough, adhesive dressing to secure bandage
  • Durable bandage tape (eg Hy bandage tape)
  • Set of stable bandages
  • Animalintex or other poultice material
  • Silver duct tape
  • Intrasite gel (maintains a moist and protected environment for wounds)
  • Antibacterial cream i.e Flamazine (prescription required)
  • Sterile saline (useful for cleaning wounds if no access to clean water)
  • Syringe for flushing wounds
  • Thermometer
  • Head torch
  • Prescribed medicines- if your horse is on a prescribed medicine have some ready to go in the first aid kit box