Harry Meade injured in cross country fall

Eventer Harry Meade has been taken to hospital following a fall at fence three in the CCI3*L at Thoresby in Nottinghamshire on Saturday 10th October 2020. On Monday morning Harry will have an operation on a broken arm.

Harry Meade was riding Merrywell Tradition when he fell and his foot got caught in the stirrup. A statement following the fall read “His foot got caught in the stirrup, and he was dragged at a gallop, unfortunately meaning he was repeatedly kicked in the head. By the time his food eventually detached from the stirrup his hat had been badly damaged and kicked free from his head.”

“He has lacerations and significant bruising to his shoulders, neck and face. His right arm is broken and there is a suspected fracture to his jaw.”

A CT scan confirmed that there was no bleed on the brain and that Harry was “totally compos mentis when being loaded into the ambulance. Harry, who is a 2014 world silver medallist and often (when not riding) commentates at Badminton Horse Trails requested that a message be sent to the competitors waiting at the start, apologising for holding them up!

Merrywell Tradition was inspected by the vetinary team at Thoresby and had no injuries other than superficial bruising.

Harry Meade is one of Britain’s leading event riders and is popular amoungst the eventing community. He has represented Great Britain at World Championships and completed Badminton ten times with his best result 3rd in 2014. He is the youngest rider to have receive an Amarda Dish which is awarded for five Badminton completions.

The Horse Exchange team wish Harry Meade a speedy recovery.