Fireworks night – 10 tips be prepared with THEx

The time around bonfire night on 5th November can be exciting for many people, however for animal and livestock owners is can also become a very difficult time of year. As an animal owner, is important to stay proactive in finding out if there are going to be fireworks displays near your yard to enable you to take the necessary safety precautions. Anyone who is planning to host a firework display in a rural area should get in contact with the landowners around the area to provide them with details of the event as fireworks displays must not be set off near horses or livestock areas.

Follow our top 10 tips to be prepared for fireworks:-

  1. Plan – Ensure that all your neighbours’ know where the horses are kept, so that fireworks can be set off in the opposite direction.
  2. Vet – If you know your horse gets distressed from fireworks seek vet’s advice.
  3. Continuity – if your horse will be more comfortable if they are kept in their normal routine. If they are stabled at night, keep them stabled at night or if they are used to staying out at night, keep them out.
  4. Safety Checks – investigate the stable and field for anything that could cause an injury if the horses were to become spooked for example broken fencing
  5. Insurance – third-party liability insurance will cover you if your horse were to cause an accident due to distress.
  6. Watch – Try and observe the horses and animals whilst there are fireworks going off.
  7. Keep Calm – If the horses are becoming distressed, try and stay calm but stay safe – do not get injured yourself. Do not ride your horse if there is a risk of fireworks going off.
  8. Distract – Playing music or the radio can help to relax the horses, start this process before bonfire night so they are familiar with this process.
  9. Telephone Numbers – Have quick access to the vet’s details in case of an emergency. If you can’t be with your horse, make sure the person responsible for your horse has your contact details and vet’s numbers in case they are needed.
  10. Inspect – After the display look around the field and yard for any parts of the fireworks that could be dangerous to the animals and remove these.