Burghley Horse Trials Starters List 2019

The Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials takes place at Burghley House on 5th – 8th September 2019. It is one of the most advanced 5* three-day eventing competitions in the world. The horse trials first took place at Burghley House in 1961 when a nearby horse trials, Harewood House, was cancelled. Burghley is one thrid of the Rolex Grand Slam of Eventing.

2019 Starters List

Price, Tim (NZL) riding Bango
Townend, Oliver riding Ulises
Hyslop-Webb, Emma riding Waldo III
Owen, Michael riding Bradley Law
Svennerstal, Ludwig (SWE) riding Stinger
Funnell, Pippa riding Billy Walk On
Funnell, Pippa riding Majas Hope
Tattersall, Gemma riding Arctic Soul
Taylor, Izzy riding PSH Gazelle
Duffort, Arthur (FRA) riding Toronto D Aurois
Mutch, Harry riding HD Bronze
Furlong, Will riding Collien P 2
Towers, Hazel riding Simply Clover
Cook, Kristina riding Billy the Red
Clarke, Caroline riding Touch Too Much
Pytches, Patricia riding CES Ballycar Chip
Hill, Nicky riding MGH Bingo Boy
Coleman, William (USA) riding Tight Lines
Chabert, Arthur (FRA) riding Goldsmiths Imber
Woolven, Becky riding DHI Babette K
Stoddart, Eliza riding Priorspark Opposition Free
Baxter, Andrea (USA) riding Indy 500
Hawker, Alicia riding Charles RR
Spence, Georgie riding WII Limbo
Britnell, David riding Continuity
Preston, Katie riding Templar Justice
Grald, Ariel (USA) riding Leamore Master Plan
Bullimore, Sarah riding Reve Du Rouet
Hobday, Ben riding Harelaw Wizard
Whittington, Francis riding Evento
Schramm, Dominic (AUS) riding Bolytair B
Powell, Caroline (NZL) riding On the Brash
Skelt, Richard riding Credo III
Howe, Ginny riding Undalgo De Windsor
Doel, David riding Shannondale Quest
Payne, Doug (USA) riding Vandiver
English, Isabel (AUS) riding Feldale Mouse
Murray, Imogen riding Ivar Gooden
Cavaillon, Sebastien (FRA) riding Sarah D’Argouges
Norman, Julia riding Carryon Bobby Boy
Price, Tim (NZL) riding Xavier Faer
Townend, Oliver riding Cooley Master Class
Tosi, Marcelo (BRA) riding Glenfly
Halliday-Sharp, Elisabeth (USA) riding Deniro Z
Kennedy, Dee riding Chequers Playboy
Lissington, Samantha (NZL) riding Ricker Ridge Rui
Gibbs, Rebecca riding De Beers Dilletante
Grieve, Simon riding The Rutman
Talley, Chris (USA) riding Unmarked Bills
Dalton, Nana riding Absolut Opposition
Burnett, Hannah-Sue (USA) riding Harbour Pilot
Sommerville, James riding Talent
Thompson, Ginny (NZL) riding Star Nouveau
Magee, Katie riding Dollarney
Short, Kirsty riding Cossan Lad
Crisp, Tom D riding Coolys Luxury
Hilton-Jones, George riding Efraim
Davidson Jr, Bruce (USA) riding Jak My Style
Jones, Richard P riding Alfies Clover
Heard, Lillian (USA) riding LCC Barnaby
Heath, Matthew riding The Lion
French, Piggy riding Vanir Kamira
Jocelyn, Dan (NZL) riding Blackthorn Cruise
Philp, Emily riding Camembert
Tindall, Zara riding Class Affair
Lundin, Johan (SWE) riding Mind Me
Price, Jonelle (NZL) riding Faerie Dianimo
Loiseau, Clara (FRA) riding Wont Wait
Milnes, Selina riding Iron IV
Fulton, Savannah (USA) riding Captain Jack
King, Kitty riding Vendredi Biats
Kieffer, Lauren (USA) riding Vermiculus
Hyslop-Webb, Emma riding Pennlands Douglas
Owen, Michael riding Jims Pal
Svennerstal, Ludwig (SWE) riding Balham Mist
Funnell, Pippa riding MHG Grafton Street
Funnell, Pippa riding Billy Walk On
Tattersall, Gemma riding Santiago Bay
Taylor, Izzy riding Springpower
Townend, Oliver riding Ballaghmore Class
Price, Tim (NZL) riding Ringwood Sky Boy