16 Essential Items for your Horsebox

One of the most exciting parts of buying a new horsebox for sale is once it is home you can kit it out with all the things you may, and may not need, for a competition. Let’s face it – we have all been to a show and forgotten something! The Horse Exchange has put together what we believe is the must have essentials for life on the road in the horsebox.

  • Passports – we do not advise keeping your horses’ passports in the lorry when you are at home, but a note written somewhere obvious in the lorry as a reminder to take the correct horse’s passport to each competition when the horses are competing. Most FEI, riding club and pony club events will check your horse’s passport before you are able to unload and compete.
  • First aid kit – for both you and your horse. Make sure both first aid kits are well stocked up and easy to access should you need them.
  • Directions, sat nav, phone charger and if you are eventing or going to dressage competition then a copy of your dressage test!
  • Emergency contact numbers – keep the number of your vet, farrier, breakdown cover, your mum…. somewhere in the horsebox just in case they are needed – along with your driving licence and some cash
  • A mirror – its always nice to double check you look the part before you go and dance down the center line. A washbag including deodorant, dry shampoo, toothpaste and perfume can be vital just before prize giving!
  • Tool kit – a spanner, hammer, duct tape and baler twine can be very useful for either lorry maintenance or as a quick fix for a broken zip or stray away horse.
  • White board – to write the names of the horses as well as the times and classes that they are competing in
  • Fill up the water tanks and remember buckets and sponges
  • Full grooming kit as well as studs
  • Hay and hay net
  • Tools for mucking out the lorry and keeping the showground tidy
  • For the horse – saddle, girth, bridle, numnah, spare head collar and lead rope. A variety of rugs for both cooling and keeping warm as well as a waterproof!
  • For the rider – hat, hairnet, boots, jodhpurs, jacket, a mounting block….
  • Accessories – hair net, medical armband, whip, gloves, tie, stock, stock pin, belt, body protector, bridle numbers, studs, tack and boot cleaner
  • Sunglasses, hat, sun cream…. As well as wellies and rain coat! Its also always useful to bring a spare set of clothes in case you go swimming in the water jump……..
  • Snacks – for a quick sugar rush before you enter the ring and prosecco to celebrate (or commiserate) your day!

Finally, always remember your horse! What else do you have as absolute lorry essentials?