10 Tips to keep the Horses Cool this Summer

It feels like summer! The sun is shining, and temperatures are soaring however we need to think about how the horses are going to cope in the heat. This could mean changing their routine to being out at night when its cooler and stabled during the day when the sun is hottest or just managing your horses needs. Like us, horses too can struggle with the heat.

The Horse Exchange’s  have put together our top tips for dealing with the horses in the summer heat:-

  • Ensure that the horses have access to enough clean water
  • Soak your horses hay and feed
  • Include electrolytes or salt to the horses feeds to help replenish the horse’s system when lost through sweating
  • Try and exercise the horses when it is cooler at the beginning and end of the day. The hottest part of the day is usually midday.
  • Make sure you sweat scrape your horse after you have washed your horse down.
  • If you are competing or travelling make sure you bring enough water on the lorry for your horse to drink and be cooled down after exercise.
  • Apply some strong factor 50 sun cream to horses that have pink noses and might get sunburnt.
  • Use a fly spray that works. Often biting and nuisance flies are worst during the summer heat.
  • If the horses live out then make sure they wear a fly rug and mask for protection.
  • If possible, try and turn the horses out in a field that has shade. Either with a field shelter or trees to stand under or alternatively bring the horses in during the middle of the day.

If you do think that your horse has become over heated or has got heatstroke then call the vet immediately. However, use the heatwave to enjoy the long summer evenings spending time with your horse.