Ceece ( It’s Clara (GB))

  • Horse Type: All-rounders, Hack
  • Height: 15.3
  • Gender: Mare
  • Age: 15
  • Colour: Chestnut
  • Breed: Thoroughbred

Gorgeous 15.3 thoroughbred mare Ceece.
15 years young with experience and wisdom.
Loves hacking out and Iv found prefers to do it in company. Not phased by traffic, people animals etc.
She has been living with a small mixed heard outside. She is very friendly & loving with other horses.
Very responsive to voice & leg in the saddle. Stops on a dime. She has a brisk walk pace and is forward.
I bought her when she had just come into season where she was very fruity and loved being with the boys to show them how sexy she is 🤣😉 that’s her happy place at the moment.
She was bought as “suitable for novises and little people” for myself and my 10 year old daughter to share for fun hacking out and pampering 5 weeks ago. She is NOT suitable for a novis and is far too big for my daughter (my stupid mistake) so we need to downsize ASAP to make the most of summer with a more suitable smaller horse.
Iv been riding her out for the past month and love her …. but she is too much horse for my 10 year old to handle. So my knowledge of her is limited to this short 5 weeks time.
Would suit experienced older teenager or adult.
She’s a very pretty mare and very submissive in a heard.
She has been in the field for winter so needs building back up but is ready to get out exploring and has made a good start.
Would like her to go to a home with other horses for company as she clearly loves it.
Up to date with vaccines and fully shod 3 weeks ago.
The only issues Iv found with her is she can grumble when doing up her girth (like many horses) but nothing savage or dangerous or would put you off doing it. Is a bit fidgety when doing her hoofs but gets with the program after your firm with her.
She will test any new rider on her at first to see who is in charge…. But once that’s established after 2 mins she’s fine.
She travelled to us 4 hours from Newport without any issues and boxed fine.
Sire: Silver Patriarch (IRE), Dam Titian Lass (GB). Full Passport.
In West Yorkshire WF postcode.

Contact Seller

Name: Lorien Dorking
Phone: 07384425919
Email: lorienkate8@yahoo.co.uk