• Horse Type: All-rounders, Dressage Horse, Youngstock Horses
  • Height: 15.2
  • Gender: Gelding
  • Age: 4
  • Colour: Bay
  • Breed: Hackney

He’s turning 5 this year and hasn’t really done much other than been gently ridden away so he’s more or less a blank canvas.
When he came to us he was more or less feral. It took a year to get him to trust us on the ground and he still has set backs even now. he’s come a long, long way but just want to list off what he can do.

So on the ground he’s good in the stable, but can nip you when you’re not keeping an eye on him. Doesn’t kick, barge you out, etc. it’s just the odd biting. He gives rugs and tack a side eye when it comes close to him but it’s been over a year since he’s ran away from them. He still struggles with his head collar if you don’t put it on the right way for him, as since before he’s come to us he’s never liked the top of his head being touched – but we will show you how we put the head collar on.

For riding he’s mostly a well behaved boy. Has a tendency to throw in a buck which is mostly attitude that can be 100% worked out of him.

He honestly just needs someone he can love and trust. He was behaving at his best, not even biting, when he had one person riding and dealing with him. We suspect he’s had a nasty history of abuse and this is why he likes to have a certain person. Since i’ve gone away to college we’ve kinda had a step back from him which is why he’s listed as a project, but he is very trainable and has shown he even enjoys the work most the time

Has a very large and beautiful stride, definitely would be a head turner in the show ring. With the way he moves he could easily go beyond elementary in dressage. He’s also popped small jumps with a cute hop and is brave going into them. So honestly this funny little horse could go on to do anything

He’s good to shoe, groom, dentist, jab, etc.
We’ve not tried clipping him.
Seems to be good in traffic as he’s hacked out next to a very busy main road.
Currently barefoot and up to date with everything
Hasn’t been in work since early this year, so if you wanted to view him you could either see him from the field or give us enough notice to get him in work again for you to ride him

he’s up for sensible offers

Contact Seller

Name: Evie Eeles
Phone: +447950299776