What is The Horse Exchange website?

So, you’re asking about The Horse Exchange. You must have heard of it on the grapevine! Which is interesting, because the Horse Exchange is basically a grapevine for buying and selling horses and horsey equipment. Emma Higgin has spent most of her life with horses, riding, training, and of course buying and selling. She found herself spending lots of time being asked for advice about where people could find a good horse, and could often recommend one that she had heard about from ‘a friend of a friend’. She decided to formalise the whole arrangement. Instead of hoping that people would ask her, she set up the Horse Exchange’s website,www.thehorseexchange.co.uk, with the help of her husband Nick.

Fiona Blaxland took over the running of The Horse Exchange in May 2018 with the aim to develop the one-stop horse shop marketplace for all things equine related. People with a horse to sell are asked to spend a bit of time filling in the online form giving information about their horse. Fiona believes that more information is much more helpful to buyers, and it also helps weed out those who just want to sell quickly, without worrying about whether the horse is right for the buyer, or the buyer for the horse. To find out more, or to browse the selection of horses and equipment available for sale via their website, visit www.thehorseexchange.co.uk.