THEx Top 10 Dressage Test Tips

  1. Make sure you have learnt your dressage test.
  2. Ensure that you have enough time to warm both you and the horse up, learn a warm-up routine that works for you and the horse.
  3. Watch a few people do their dressage test in your arena before your time to compete.
  4. Ensure that your groom / helper / mum (!) takes the rule book, fly spray, grooming kit and a drink to the warm up arena.
  5. Ensure that you and the horse are in the correct dress – remember to take off your horse’s boots before you enter the arena!
  6. Trot around the arena before you start your test to familiarise yourself and your horse with the event.
  7. Say hello to the judge and smile.
  8. Wait for the bell!
  9. Ask someone to video your dressage test so that you can look back, analyse and learn from the experience.
  10. Stay relaxed, focused and enjoy it.