THEx Checklist for Bringing your New Horse Home

Buying a new horse is an exciting time. Having brought a horse for sale and the horse passing a vetting, you now need to get ready for the horse to come home. It is important to be organised so that you do not feel stressed and the horse can feel happy, safe and settled in their new environment. Follow our advice for a seamless welcome to your new horse.

  • Before the horse arrives ensure that you have checked the horse’s passport. Look to see who the current owner is on the horse’s passport as you will need to have these details updated. Also check that the horse’s vaccinations are up to date.
  • Check with the seller when the horse was last wormed.
  • If you have had a vetting the vet would have checked for a microchip. Ensure that you get the details transferred into your name.
  • Disinfect the stable that will be your new horses stable. Wash rugs, boots, saddle cloths and grooming kits to eliminate the spread of any diseases.
  • New horses should ideally be isolated for three weeks and not come into direct contact with any other horses to protect other horses on a yard. You will need to be extra careful if the horse is being transported from outside the UK where vaccination requirements can be different.
  • When the new horse arrives give a general health check – look at their eyes, skin, hooves and droppings. Take their temperature and resting heart rate and start to get to know the horse’s behavior and temperament.
  • Take a worm count and saliva test for check for tapeworm.
  • If the horse is going to be turned out in a field with other horses, take your time to introduce them slowly. Give them time to get to know each other from a distance and ensure that you are around to watch the horses for a while when they do eventually get turned out together.
  • Register your new horse with the vet, farrier, saddler and dentist and if necessary get them booked in for appointments.

Finally, go horse shopping! Head to your nearest tack shop or look online for some bargains on a new head collar and rugs. Matchy Matchy saddle cloth and boots is defiantly a winning combination!