Team GB announced – Going for Gold

Team GB for the Tokyo Olympics have today been announced for both the eventing and the dressage teams. Teams are made up of three horse rider combinations as well as one horse, rider travelling reserves. The declared Grooms for each combination have also been confirmed.
Team GB – Eventing
  • Laura Collett with London 52 Owners: Karen Bartlett, Keith Scott and Laura Collett Groom: Matilda Sayburn-Hughes
  • Tom McEwen with Toledo de Kerser Owners: Fred and Penny Barker, Jane Inns and Ali McEwen Groom: Francesca Gorni
  • Oliver Townend with Ballaghmor Class Owners: Karyn Shuter, Angela Hislop and Val Ryan Groom: Jess McKie
  • Piggy March with Brookfield Inocent (travelling reserve) Owners: John and Chloe Perry and Alison Swinburn Groom: Amy Phillips
Team GB – Dressge
  • Charlotte Dujardin with Gio Owners: Renai Hart, Carl Hester and Charlotte Dujardin Groom: Alan Davies
  • Charlotte Fry with Everdale Owners: Van Olst Horses and Charlotte Fry Groom: Steven Caley
  • Carl Hester with En Vogue Owners: Sandra Biddlecombe, Charlotte Dujardin, Lady Anne Evans and Carl Hester Groom: Lucy Scudamore
  • Gareth Hughes with Sintano Van Hof Olympia (travelling reserve) Owners: Judy Firmston-Williams and Gareth Hughes Groom: Steph Sharples

Team GB – Showjumping

  • Scott Brash with owners Lady Pauline Harris and Lady Pauline Kirkham’s Hello Jefferson Groom: David Honnet
  • Ben Maher with owners Charlotte Rossetter, Pamela Wright and his own Explosion W Groom: Cormac Kenny
  • Holly Smith with owners Ian Dowie’s Denver Groom: Kate Dodd
  • Harry Charles with owners Ann Thompson and his own Romeo 88 (Travelling reserve) Groom: Georgia Ellwood

The opening ceremony for the summer Olympic games is scheduled for Friday 23rd July 2021. The games were due to take place in 2020 however were delayed due to the world pandemic of COVID-19.