Sell My Horse Online with THEx

If you have taken the sometimes tough decision to sell your horse then you will no doubt be looking for the very best home and to achieve the price that you think he/she is worth.  With almost every home in the UK having internet access, the days when horses were advertised for sale in local tack shops is almost gone as potential buyers are now searching the internet for horses for sale. So to be sure of reaching the widest possible audience to sell your horse you would be well advised to advertise your horse on a specialist internet selling site such as THEx.

The Horse Exchange reaches millions of viewers’ everyday so you are guaranteed that when you advertise your horse on their website your advert will be viewed by people who are looking to buy a horse and not just the general public as with non-specific sales websites.

You can upload photographs of your horse, a full description, the price, your location  so that potential buyers can easily find your horse and view your advert before contacting you so ensuring that you have the best chance go finding a good home for your equine.  Best of all advertising your horse for sale with The Horse Exchange is only £20 per month for unlimited text and up to 5 images or videos and you can edit or delete your advert as you wish.