Paralympics 2020 Tokyo Equestrian Schedule

The Tokyo Paralympics are taking place on Tuesday 25th August – Sunday 6th September 2020. Below is the schedule of all the Paralympics equestrian events and what time and where they are taking place in Japan.

Thursday 27th August – 3pm – 10.30pm – Equestrian Park

  • Individual Test – Grade II
  • Individual Test – Grade IV
  • Individual Test – Grade V
  • Individual Test – Grade II/IV/V Victory Ceremony

Friday 29th August – 3pm – 10.20pm – Equestrian Park

  • Individual Test – Grade I
  • Individual Test – Grade III
  • Individual Test – Grade I/III Victory Ceremony

Saturday 29th August – 5pm – 9.50pm – Equestrian Park

  • Team Test to Music

Sunday 30th August – 6pm – 8.35pm – Equestrian Park

  • Team Test to Music
  • Team Test to Music Victory Ceremony

Monday 31st August – 3.30pm – 10.35pm – Equestrian Park

  • Individual Freestyle Test – Grade IV
  • Individual Freestyle Test – Grade V
  • Individual Freestyle Test – Grade IV/V Victory Ceremony
  • Individual Freestyle Test – Grade III
  • Individual Freestyle Test – Grade II
  • Individual Freestyle Test – Grade I
  • Individual Freestyle Test – Grade III/II/I Victory Ceremony

The Paralympic games dates back to 1948, when a physician working in a hospital in England organised an archery competition involving World War II Veterans with injuries as part of their rehabilitation programme. In 1952 the event became an international event and since the 1988 Seoul Olympics the games have been held shortly after the Olympic games using the same venues and facilities.