How to write a “Horse for Sale” advert

Often the thought of starting any essay, article or advert can seem daunting so before you begin writing follow this guide from The Horse Exchange team on How to write a winning Horse for Sale advert.

You need to think about the horse or pony that you are selling. What type of owner are they looking for? Can this horse be ridden by anyone? – Children, teenager or professional? Is this horse suitable for pony club? Or will it go 4*? Is this horse looking for a quieter life as a happy hacker? Once you have decided about the type of owner that you are looking to sell the horse too you can start to tailor the advert to catch the attention of this potential buyer.

Start your advert by using a descriptive interesting title. “One in a Million” or “Rising Star” will catch potential buyers attention. Ensure that you include relevant information about the horse that is for sale for example height, age, breed, sex, price and temperament. Be honest with the details that you are proving and keep the advert precise and to the point. If the horse has an issue, ensure that you let any potential buyers know about it – in the long run it will minimise time wasted on unsuitable viewings that aren’t going to lead to a sale.

Buyers are always interested in the history of the horse. Make sure you include details of the horses’ experience and any show results that your horse has gained – this will help to make your horse stand apart from other horses that are for sale.

Photographs – a picture speaks 1000 words. Providing your advert with a photograph that is eye catching and interesting will draw in an audience and make more potential buyers click on your advert. Videos can also be a great way to show buyers what your horse is talented at, whether it be flatwork or jumping. At The Horse Exchange you can provide up to 5 images or videos included at the set price of £20.

Finally, always include details of how a potential buyer can contact you! Either an email or telephone number. It can also be beneficial to include the area that you are based as some buyers may not be able to travel a long way for a viewing.  

These are just some thoughts to help you get started writing your horse for sale advert on The Horse Exchange. For £20 for 1 month your classified advert can include up to 5 videos or images and unlimited text. If you are looking for a easy, effective way to sell your horse, why not give THEx a go?