Christopher Burton: Event Rider Masters Champion

Christopher Burton has become the first event rider to win the Event Rider Masters series for the second year in a row. After the six competitions that make up the 2019 Event Rider Masters series, across five different counties Chris ended up on a total score of 94 points.

The last event of the series was held in France at Concours Complet International Lignieres-en-Berry on 5th and 6th October 2019. The showground has over 100 stables, 142 hectares, riding arenas, all weather gallops, multiple cross-country courses, racetrack with steeplechase and a full equipped veterinary clinic with hospital facilities.

Gemma Tattersall riding Jalapeno won the Lignieres-en-Berry title followed by Michael Jung in second place and Sarah Cohen in third place. “I’ve been really good at winning the other four-star sections when ERMs have been at venues, and today I’ve managed to win the ERM – get in there!” Gemma said after the competition.

At the end of the final event in the series Christopher Burton said whist sat on 1st place on the podium “This is our favourite part of the ERM, if you’ve gone clear and get to sit up here. It’s amazing – I still can’t believe it. I had such a good year last year that I really didn’t think I could ever do it again. We’re stoked! It’s a wonderful series to be a part of – and right now, we’re just going to enjoy the moment.”

Final Rankings of the Event Rider Masters series 2019

1 – Christopher Burton – 94 points

2 – Gireg Le Coz – 90 points

3 – Sarah Cohen – 89 points

4 – Gemma Tattersall – 74 points

5 – Bill Levett – 73 points

6 – Alexander Bragg – 70 points

7 – Jonelle Price – 67 points

8 – Michael Jung – 60 points

9 – Lucy Jackson – 56 points

10 – Laura Collett – 50 points