Advertise Horse Sales with THEx

Whether you have a horse you’d like to sell or you’re looking for a horse to buy, in order to give yourself the best chance of doing so you’ll need to find somewhere which can advertise horse sales to a large enough audience. You might have the best horse in the world but if no-one sees your advertisement, no-one is going to buy it!

Opting to use a general purpose classified site will most likely result in relatively few advert viewings and little to no enquiries. So, with the buying and selling of horses being a rather niche area, it is best to use a website which has been set-up to specialise in this area in order to attract large numbers of relevant and interested viewers.

The Horse Exchange was set up to cater to all equine-related classifieds including horses, stallions, ponies, equine equipment and horse boxes. By allowing users to place an advert for only £20, The Horse Exchange will ensure that sellers will be able to advertise their horse in a totally risk-free way and with over 60,000 unique visitors a month, you can be sure to find the perfect home for your horse.