Rae mr perfect

  • Horse Type: All-rounders
  • Height: 16
  • Gender: Gelding
  • Location: Essex
  • Age: 10
  • Colour: Bay
  • Breed: Cob

Meadowstables has the pleasure of offering MR Perfect upforsale our stunning 16″ hand ten year old schoolmaster Rae, this stunning lad is pure quality. He’s super safe and sensible,established in all disciplines and a great beginners horse! Horses of this stamp and quality are hard to find!

SCHOOLING Rae is a schoolmaster who has three established paces in the school,he’s snaffle mouthed,easy and super genuine. Rae is very forgiving of his riders he will allow his riders to make mistakes,he’s super forgiving and genuine of all riders and a real leg in each corner ride! This lad has excellent confirmation and straight forward correct paces he moves elegant and holds himself beautiful,he’s scored highly in dressage and would be great in the show ring. He’s a fun safe cob to enjoy and learn on, he’s steady yet capable and happy to step it up or down a gear when asked,he’s a laid back soul who takes life in his stride he’s easy to handle and just about anybody rides him from children to adults.

HACKING Rae hacks out alone or in company he’s happy to go first or last and takes everything in his stride,he’s not phased by heavy traffic or farm machinery and will happily be ridden at the end of the buckle out on the busiest of roads. He’s a calm genuine lad who gives his rider lots of confidence,in open fields he remains safe and sensible,he will have a steady canter and is an easy controlled ride. He’s been out on many charity rides,pleasure rides and recently been on a charity fun ride ridden by a sixty year old rider he was absolutely perfect for his rider and looked after them.

JUMPING Rae is currently jumping a meter tracks with ease,he’s not phased by fancy fillers or poles and will happily jump spreads and water trays ect he’s an easy horse to jump, forgiving should you miss your stride and very easy into a fence,he jumps the jumps for what they are,he’s comfortable to jump and reliable. Rae was great out x country he jumpt everything that was asked of him including jumping into the water, he was snaffle mouthed at all times and happily to jump what we asked with a novice rider on board. Out hunting Rae has proven himself to be a safe hunt horse jumping ditches,hedges and fences with ease,he’s not phased by the hounds or other horses around him,he’s happy to stand around while socialising and happy to take a novice on the hunt field and keep them safe.

GROUND MANNERS Rae is very easy to handle, great to shoe,box and loads and travels perfect, he’s not a fan of being clipt so does need sedation when clipping. He’s easy to groom,pick up all four hoofs and is lead and handled by all the children daily,even ridden bare back too and from the field. He loves lots of fuss and enjoys having solarium time,he likes to be pampered and gives out lots of love and fuss to myself and grooms. Rae gets on very well with other horses he’s a genuine kind loving lad who is looking for his forever loving home to be enjoyed and fussed.

HOME SUITED Rae would suit most homes he’s very much established in all disciplines, he’s easy and genuine at all times, he’s forgiving of a novice rider and happy to step it up with a more experienced rider, he would suit a dressage,showing home or even a general pleasure home were he can be enjoyed by the whole family. He has good bone and a stocky well built lad making him a weight carrier.

PRICE based in wickford Essex Rae is open to a full vetting by a vet of your choice open to full bloods and comes with a 14 day warranty. £4000 tack available at an extra cost. We transport horses across the country and have excellent trial facilities, we welcome friends,family and instructors.

Contact Seller

Name: Sammarie pheby
Phone: 07508572146
Email: sam@meadowstables.com