• Horse Type: All-rounders
  • Height: 15.3
  • Gender: Mare
  • Location: Essex
  • Age: 12
  • Colour: Tri Coloured
  • Breed: Irish Draught x

PURE CLASS GOOD GOLLY MRS LOLLY 😍 they don’t come much prettier! It’s so hard to find a pure classy show stopping mare that is super safe and safe enough for a complete novice to ride! This mare screams out HUGE CONFIDENCE GIVER! Calling all novices or nervous riders wanting that super stunning mare that will go out there and do it all for you and keep you safe!

LOLLY is a stunning 15″3 twelve year old been there seen it and done it mare she’s kind,genuine super safe and above all she knows her job!

SCHOOLING Lolly is a schoolmistress with three established paces in the school she’s snaffle mouthed light in your hands and just about anybody’s ride! Lolly works a perfect natural outline carrying herself beautiful she moves straight forward and correct no dishing or stuffy ways! Lolly is super forgiving of her riders and will happily take a novice round the school in all three paces she’s easy straight forward and one million percent genuine! She’s that safe your grandmother could ride her unattended! Lolly is a steady super safe schoolmistress she isn’t the fastest of mares but not dead to your leg, she requires gentle kick of the use of spurs or a schooling whip to keep her going forward, she’s easy and correct in all ways and would get a novice or less confidence rider right were they want to be in no time at all!

HACKING Lolly hacks out alone or in company she isn’t spooky or sharp not phased by heavy traffic or farm machinery and happy to plod along at the end of the buckle taking life in her stride! In open fields her super calm temperament does not change she’s easy steady and can be ridden by a ten year old child in open spaces she does not get fizzy or forward she is very level headed and again anybody’s ride! A complete numpty could ride this mare and look good!!

JUMPING Lolly is currently jumping a meter tracks with ease she’s level headed when jumping and jumps what you ask of her, she will happily going into fences at a steady trot or canter and as shown in my pictures and videos you don’t even have to hold your reins! Lolly has competed local level clear rounds always goes clear she knows her strides ect and not phased by anything! Lolly is great x country jumps everything that is asked of her including going threw the water! Again a complete novice could take this mare out x country jump everything and feel Totally at ease.

GROUND MANNERS Lolly is so kind and loving very affectionate and just a pleasure to have on the yard, she’s so easy to handle in every way loads and travels perfect she’s excellent to clip! Will stand and be tied up fine no hassle. She’s great with the farrier and just an all round genuine mare! This type of mare is so hard to find I would like ten of her on my yard iff only I could find them! The children lead and ride her on a daily basics.

PRICE based in Wickford Essex open to full vetting and bloods by a vet of your choice. We transport across the country and offer full warranty on all our horses. We welcome you to come down a try and welcome your friends family and riding instructors! I cannot stress how safe this mare is and we have lots of videos on request. Priced to sell at £4000

Contact Seller

Name: Sammarie pheby
Phone: 07508572146