• Horse Type: All-rounders
  • Height: 16
  • Gender: Mare
  • Location: Essex
  • Age: 10
  • Colour: Bay
  • Breed: Irish draught x

Meadowstables has the pleasure of offering Layla upforsale our stunning 16″1 ten year old Irish draught x schoolmistress,this mare is pure class and excels in all disciplines she’s safe,genuine and super talented,I had the pleasure of taking this mare in as a part exchange and she’s exactly as described, this beautiful schoolmistress is amazing in all aspects and one of the kindest most genuine mares I’ve had the pleasure of owning.

SCHOOLING Layla is a schoolmistress she has three established paces in the school,snaffle mouthed with straight forward correct movement,Layla knows all her lateral work and works a beautiful outline,she’s safe,steady and highly advanced in her schooling taking her rider to the next level, Layla has excelled in dressage she literally floats and would excel on the showing circuit,she has no lumps bumps or blemishes she is in show order. The beauty of this amazing mare is that she’s incredible to school and jumps one meter twenty tracks with ease too making her a great contender as a top event horse.

HACKING Layla hacks out alone or in company she’s not spooky or sharp or phased by any heavy traffic or farm machinery,she’s level headed and safe when hacking out on the busiest of roads, she’s a fun horse when out hacking in open fields she enjoys a good gallop thow has great breaks,she’s happy to go first or last and was recently taken out on a fun field hack were she jumpt a few ditches,five bar gate and then steadily went back into a calm trot.shes a fun established horse to have fun on and improve your riding on. Since owning Layla we have been out on busy roads passing arctic lorries,tractors and buses she even waited patiently at traffic lights for five minutes standing there while all sorts of traffic past her by.

JUMPING Layla is super brave and bold and clears one meter thirty tracks, she has super scope and is very talented,but she’s level headed and careful she will jump what you ask of her as shown in my videos and pictures she’s happy jumping 80/90cm then will happily step it up to a one meter thirty spread! She looks after her riders at all times and helps them out should they miss there stride, she’s an advanced horse you have to sit there and she will take you to the fence but again not strong or silly and remains in a snaffle at all times. Layla is great jumping hedges and ditches she jumps them for what they are and would make a fantastic lady’s hunt horse. Out x country Layla remains level headed and calm and takes everything in her stride she will happily go and jump the small course with a novice on board but happy to step it up a gear with a more established rider and take the big jumps. She’s not afraid of water jumps or ditches that are filled with water! This mare is super talented and could easily affiliate with the right rider.

GROUND MANNERS Layla is the most kind loving genuine mare,she loves lots of fuss and attention and enjoys all the love you give her,she’s excellent to shoe,box,clip and loads and travels perfect! Layla is a pleasure to have on the yard and is one of the yards favourites, the children adore her and handle her on the ground,she is very easy to handle and a pleasure to groom,plait and lift all four hoofs up. Layla would make a great therapy horse as she is super affectionate very easy going and genuine at all times. Her previous owner adores her and has done a fantastic job in looking after her she is like a princess and deserves a five star forever home to take her new rider to the next level and give them confidence.

HOME SUITED Layla would suit most homes she’s very much established in all disciplines, she is ready to go out and do a dressage test tomorrow and like wise jumping she will go out and take her rider clear round a course of jumps,she’s steady,forgiving and very well educated somebody has put a lot of time into getting this mare to were she is today,she’s a kind genuine mare who is now looking for her forever loving home.

PRICE based in wickford Essex open to full vetting and blood test and comes with a 14 day warranty.we have excellent trial facilities here and welcome friends,family and riding instructors. This mare is priced to sell and to not priced on her ability as she is amazing and would make a great event horse in the right hands! Priced at £6000 no offers no loans or payment plans. Videos are on my wall however can be sent over to you on request. Layla has recently been wormed,teeth done,new shoes and had an insurance vetting of which she passed with flying colours. Please be aware this mare has had an operation on her stifle in her previous home it does not affect her in any way she is one million percent sound and open to full vetting/ x rays,scans and anything else like all our horses by a vet of your choice.she has no lumps,bumps or issues and will pass any vetting. I’ve have jus had this mare pass a five stage intense vetting and re vaccinated her vetting certificate will be shown on viewing!

Contact Seller

Name: Sammarie pheby
Phone: 07508572146