Gin Fizz

  • Horse Type: All-rounders, Hack
  • Height: 16.2
  • Gender: Mare
  • Age: 16
  • Colour: Chestnut
  • Breed: Thoroughbred

16.2hh ex racer mare “Gin Fizz”. Fizz is a lovely mare, not mareish. I am in contact with previous owners so would be happy to ask permission to pass on contact details!

Fizz requires an experienced, confident rider/handler. She is a lovely mare but can have her quirky moments, which I will discuss further.

Fizz will live in or out, she does prefer to live out, perfect for the farrier, will load straight on a box or trailer, can be a little nervous for the initially dentist but doesn’t require sedation etc

Unfortunately I no longer have the time Fizz deserves which leads me to this heartbreaking sale. I can leave Fizz two weeks without being ridden and get back on without any issues but I feel she would thrive on routine and regular exercise which unfortunately I can’t give her.

Fizz will take a bit of extra time to settle, she can settle a new yards within two weeks but at the current yard it took slightly longer. Once she has settled she’s normally pretty easy going, pretty much do anything with her but until then she does need reassurance as she can be stressy so this is why she requires an experienced handler.

Fizz is a forward going mare, her school work is coming along really nicely and has very floaty paces! Hacking out, she will hack out with or without company on the roads, she does get herself excited off road but with an experienced confident rider I feel they could push her through this. I am not a happy hacker personally so I haven’t done much hacking out with her myself, so she will need work on this.

I will repeat she is an ex racer and does require an experienced and confident home.

5?? homes only for this lovely mare.

Contact Seller

Name: Ellie Gardner
Phone: 07908061897