Eribolls Pretty Pixi

  • Horse Type: All-rounders
  • Height: 13.3
  • Gender: Filly
  • Location: Caithness
  • Colour: Skewbald
  • Breed: Sports pony

Pixi is absolutely perfect in every way, extremely well handled, perfect to lead to and from the field/stable
Lifts all four legs, perfect to bath/trim and stands tied up no bother.
She can be feisty around feed but she’s getting a lot better.
She’s extremely bold and willing to learn nothing has ever been an issue, she has been brought up on a working farm so she’s perfect with cars, tractors, trailers,lorries and any other vehicles
Pretty much bombproof as I’m yet to find something she’s scared of!
She adores human attention and has perfect manners…

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Name: Rebeka mackenzie