• Horse Type: Cobs
  • Height: 14.3
  • Gender: Gelding
  • Age: 14
  • Colour: Piebald
  • Breed: Cob x BSH

Danny is a 14 year old British sports horse x Cob Standing at 14.3hh.
With great breeding behind him, Danny’s father (Lostock king of the hill) a fantastic stud whose offspring have excelled in showing careers. Danny’s parents and grandparents have all had successful careers in the show ring.
This is a really heart breaking and difficult sale for me so I really want to find him the right home.
He’s not a novice ride, he hasn’t been ridden in a while.
Once in work, he can be a strong character but he loves being out alone or in company, he loves to be ridden and takes pride when carrying someone on his back.
I can’t comment on his experiences in riding professionally or in showing as I have only ever used him for hacking out. He has hacked out alone and in company and has experienced traffic, tractors, busy roads, open fields, sand dues, beaches etc and he is amazing.
If he hasn’t received enough attention or had enough exercise, he can become excitable when ridden and does throw a little buck on an open stretch. Reason for sale is purely because he’s just sitting wasting away in a field and I know how much potential he has, he won’t be able to achieve that potential with me as he does need time and dedication and someone with abit more experience in horses like him.
He’s perfect to groom, perfect with farrier. He has never been shod while under my ownership I have only ever kept his feet trimmed.
Danny is green but not in a nasty way just in a cheeky way, he’s such a sensitive soul due to being mistreated previously but that does not affect him now. He’s never shown any nastiness or dangerous behaviour only ever just tried to push his luck or get abit stroppy.
Once a bond has been built with him and once trust is gained he is the most gentle horse.
After a bit of work and being brought back into it, I think he would make an amazing horse for cross country, fun rides, hunting etc as he is an amazing jumper, he’s a very proud horse when he’s carrying somebody and makes sure to keep his rider safe. Even when and if his excitability can cause the rider to be unseated he does not bolt he will just stand and wait for you to get back on, he genuinely doesn’t put a foot wrong.
I will just say again he is green, he just needs the work put in to get him back to the all rounder he was before. He needs a gentle but firm hand, I will be looking to only sell him to someone who plans to work with him and spend the time with him that he needs so he hopefully will not be passed on from pillar to post

Contact Seller

Name: Chelsea newman
Phone: 07878770938
Email: chels_newman@icloud.com