Carriglea Wood (Woody)

  • Horse Type: All-rounders, Cross Country, Showjumper
  • Height: 16.3
  • Gender: Gelding
  • Location: Lincolnshire
  • Age: 14
  • Colour: Bay
  • Breed: Thoroughbred

Woody aka Carriglea Wood
Woody is a 16.3 14 year old bay thoroughbred that was raced in his past. He has competed up to BE100 with a previous owner. He loves his jumping and his flat work is improving everyday. He has had some time off late last year due to unfortunately fracturing his splint bone but is now back in full time work & doing well. Earlier this year he was diagnosed with minor kissing spine (two vertebrae) he has had all of the right treatment that was needed & this now does not affect him when being ridden. He still has plenty of life left in him for competing and will go far with the right home and rider! He is such a lovely horse and everyone on our yard adores him and says he is such a pleasure to be around. I have done cross country, show jumping and showing. With his jumping he is very bold and won’t shy away from anything with a confident rider so no novices please. He really really tries his best to please his rider every time he gets ridden. He is good for the farrier, to load, travel and for the vet. Does require sedation for dentist and clipping as he gets nervous. All in all he is a horse that can’t be missed! With the right home he will become a horse of many talents. When he gets excited he may bunny rear but nothing extreme. He has never bucked, bronked or bolted. Hacking is exceptional he loves it with company or without and is amazing in traffic, he does sometimes get a little antsy when at junctions as he is a horse that is always on the go.

£3000 comes with bridle, rugs and boots (saddle not included) but home is more important than price

Contact Seller

Name: Alicia Jepson
Phone: 07715556940