Beautiful Bombproof Bonnie

  • Horse Type: Gymkhana, Pony Club Pony, Show Pony
  • Height: 13.1
  • Gender: Mare
  • Location: Bedfordshire
  • Age: 5
  • Colour: Palomino
  • Breed: Welsh Section B

Beautiful Bombproof Bonnie MOTHERS and CHILDS DREAM PONY OF A LIFETIME! 5 year old, 13.1hh REGISTERED WELSH B Mare, Bonnie is one million percent safe, kind and THE easiest pony you will ever find!!!! Very hard to find such a kind safe pony and so pretty too!!!!! No vices! No marks, injuries or blemishes. Bonnie is a 5 year old pony with a 15 year old attitude! She was broken and used as a Children’s party pony by us as a 4 year old, owned since 3 years old. Won her first gymkhana first time out as a four year old!!! Bonnie is Passported and wormed in great health and has never been lame or had any health issues, good doer and lives out all year round, with mares and geldings. Bonnie is totally Bombproof, a good all rounder, and an awesome pony club pony!
Bonnie is the ultimate Childs pony. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING THAT PHASES THIS LITTLE DARLING PONY!!! She has never ever kicked, bitten or done anything bad in her life, she is brilliant to handle in every way, easy to catch, load and travel, walks on the trailer and stands on there with no fuss for hours. Fantastic for the farrier. Happy to be stabled or happy to be turned out with geldings and mares or alone. Fab to groom and handle in every way, small
Children groom her unaided and she is totally quiet and safe. Very very easy pony for kids and mums to handle and work with , Not strong when ridden , doesn’t pull, will just follow HUMAN or another pony. Stands perfect to be tacked up, licks whoever is near her!, kids sit on her and climb all over her in the stable. Good with dogs. Comes to call in field, 
Snaffle mouth, Bonnie is bombproof in all types of traffic, stands quietly when asked, patient and safe, Not phased by anything. She is happy to hack alone or in company, in front
or behind. Not silly or strong, never misbehaves, Good in open fields. 1 Million per cent safe and willing, in-fact she will learn along side your child with ease, she loves to jump, happy to jump rustics or coloured jumps and fillers, has jumped 75cms with us with plenty of scope and the ability to go bigger, She has been over natural fences too and would do a lovely hunter class, Bonnie won the championship at her first ever gymkhana at Winslow country show which was very busy and her first time out at a show! She behaved impeccably!!!! Bonnie was previously shown inhand and is a real head turner with very good breeding. Bonnie has also taught many children of different abilities to ride, she is ridden by my friends Autistic daughter and really looks after her!!! Also ridden by a four year old boy and is very trusting and safe. Some rugs available and full pyjama suit available!!! More pics and videos available, 
5star home only and homes will be vetted

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Name: Victoria Arganese
Phone: 07956 299503