16.1hh 2010 Gelding

  • Horse Type: All-rounders, Dressage Horse, Eventer, Showjumper
  • Height: 16.1
  • Gender: Gelding
  • Location: Kent
  • Age: 9
16.1hh 2010 Gelding

A lovely stamp of horse with some top thoroughbred influence in his breeding. His pedigree includes the renowned Saddler’s Wells on the sires side and Tina’s Pet on the Dams. The thoroughbred influence in this Irish sports horse makes him a really candidate for the cross country phase.

He works nicely on the flat, with three correct paces and has started playing with leg yield and shoulder in. His canter in particular has a nice rhythm and balance. The rhythm of the canter is maintained when jumping and he makes a good shape over a fence.

He will be a super grass roots horse for both an adult or a teenager. He won an 80 with his previous owner, finishing on his dressage.

Contact Seller

Name: Alex Wyatt
Email: wyattequestrian@gmail.com