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Eurostar to Belgium to help Skye at Lummen CSI3*

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Skye will be riding Monty

She will also be riding Aresse

I set off this afternoon to London on the first leg of my journey to Lummen CSI***. A chance to see my grandson this evening with his other granny - we are both babysitting, - before catching Eurostar to Brussels tomorrow morning and then the SNCB connection to Hasselt. Hopefully I will be able to get a taxi from Hasselt station, to the show ground which is about 10 minutes away. This is my first trip on Eurostar and if all goes according to plan I will not need to hire a car.  

I am at Lummen to watch youngest daughter, Skye competing at this show and will be acting as her groom during her classes. She is driving one of the horseboxes from Normandy and leaves early tomorrow morning and should arrive before me. The veterinary trot up then takes place before the classes start. Her boss is bringing 8 in total and Skye has 3 of these to compete. Her rides are inexperienced at this level and Skye is greatly looking forward to competing at this show from the 9th - 20th April. Please visit . Then click on Spring Show 2014 - I think there is a live stream at the show and hopefully some of Skye's classes will be shown.

I am hopeless at travelling 'light' and am planning to take a small suitcase - similar to that allowed as hand luggage by Ryan Air!  Skye wants various items that she cannot get in France and I will be bringing her birthday presents for 16th April, so my suitcase will be fit to burst!  Skye has advised me to bring 'serious' waterproofs as Lummen can be very wet indeed and drying soggy jackets is a big problem when living in a lorry. 

I popped into Edgemere tack shop yesterday to buy a Kingsland waterproof jacket and Ariat boots. These were a much needed birthday present to me from my Mum and so I now have what I need, providing it fits into the suitcase!  Ariat boots are so comfy - and perfect for all the walking that is involved at this type of show. Skye thinks I could lose a stone - I wish!

I arrive back home next Monday as I am only going for the first week. Fingers crossed that all goes well and that the horses all jump to their full potential

Guess who is wearing one of Caroline's hats

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Caroline wearing one of her hats in my kitchen

The Princess Royal wearing one of Carolines hats at The Grand National

HRH The Princess Royal looked very smart when presenting the trophies for The Grand National. She was wearing a CarolineTitfer hat and Caroline was staying with us on Friday evening, leaving early on Saturday to get home in time to watch the race on TV.

Caroline is multi talented and is well known as a sculptor and artist. Her life size bronze of the racehorse Special Cargo, who was owned by HRH Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother is admired by all at Sandown racecourse.  Hats for special occasions is a new venture and if you got to the CarolineTitfers Facebook page you will see many more of her designs.

The race was full of good luck and bad luck stories - but all returned home safe and sound which made a great day even better. 

The start continues to cause problems which in my opinion is not helped by the huge roar of the crowd who are situated behind the horses as they line up. The 'run and flee' instinct of any horse must be worsened when you have 70,000 people in full voice roaring at you - terrifying for any horse and a good reason to charge off down the course to escape! Once one is spooked the others will sense 'danger' and do the same - herd instinct. 

How can this be prevented - well everyone could keep quiet - spectators manage to do this in Rugby matches - when goal 'kick's are being taken, OR they move the start to a quieter area!

The Crabbies Grand National

Saturday, April 05, 2014

My four each-way bets are Hunt Ball, The Rainbow Hunter - supporting trainer Kim Bailey - Monbeg Dude and Long Run.

Here is a photo of the brand new trophy for The Crabbies Grand National. It was kindly sent to me by Louise Eadie who with Kik Grigson founded Inkerman in 1996.

Inkerman is a British company providing luxury gifts and has dedicated consultants who will help clients choose a selection of gifts to fit their brief and budget. Inkerman also specialises in producing one-off pieces, creating bespoke products and designing special commissions. Inkerman work primarily with British based, highly regarded and skilled craftsmen.   

Although this trophy has not come from them, they are the preferred trophy supplier for the Crabbies Grand National and the Jockey Club Racecourses including Sandown, Epsom and Kempton.

Inkerman are in charge of the trophy tent which receives a constant stream of racegoers They also ensure that the trophies presented to the winning connections are on the podium at the correct time and an engraver is on site to update the various perpetual trophies as soon as the result of each race is confirmed.

Louise and Kiki, previously worked together at Tiffany & Co where Kiki was Director of the Corporate Division. They both have over 15 years experience of working in the corporate gift business especially working at director level with large blue chip companies to fulfill their gift requirements. 

As well as running Inkerman, both Kiki and Louise still focus primarily on sales and work with clients to discuss briefs, propose existing products and to design and produce custom made products.

They choose new products, research and visit exhibitions to find the hottest new designers and producers of luxury products, oversee the production of brochures and make all the important decisions for the company. Kiki is also responsible for overseeing and directing Inkerman's marketing and PR decisions.  

I am a friend of Louise's mother, Moysie and it was lovely to catch up with Louise at Aintree on Thursday.

The Foxhunters at Aintree

Thursday, April 03, 2014

The start of Aintree's three day festival and arguably the best days racing with 4 Grade 1 races. The weather was warm and we arrived in plenty of time to walk part of the National course and then enjoy a picnic in the car park. The Aintree ladies did not disappoint and there is always a lot of good humoured banter between 'us' dressed in the more traditional racing kit and them - who are in their summer dresses and very high heeled shoes. 

Sadly I did not get a decent photo of the two girls we spoke too in one of the bars. They wanted to borrow my fur hat and were both very amusing as they briefly chatted to us and chatted at length and then posed for photos with the other 'tweedies' beside us. 

Liverpool is their patch and we are visitors and that is as it should be.    


Cannot sleep do not sleep

Friday, March 28, 2014

Earthing/computer mats

Earthing sheets in many different sizes to fit your bed

Today is the start of a three day show in Manchester with Biovibes and the main purpose is to educate all those who visit the stand as to why they may not be able to sleep at night.

This is not the only reason, but can play a major part in helping you to understand why your 'brain does not want to shut down at night, why you wake up in the middle of the night and then start worrying about minor problems that you do not even think about during the day, night sweats, aches and pains  and the list goes on and on.

Electro-Stress is caused by Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) emissions radiating into the body. These come from mobile phones, clock radios, electric blankets, house wiring, wi-fi, bedside lamps, computers, televisions in addition to the natural EMF's radiating from the earth - covered by the term geopathic stress.

On our stand we were able to demonstrate, using a simple electrical voltage test meter just how much electrical current the body (of every visitor to our stand) was holding. When they touched an earthing mat , this reduced their electrical charge to zero. They were fully earthed and many felt the immediate effect of this.

Biovibes sell 'earthing items' - mouse mats and computer mats to help all those who use computers to be earthed whilst doing so. But their main product is earthing bed sheets that earth you when you are in bed at night. This can have the most amazing effect on whether or not you sleep due to eliminating the electrical charge in your body, which at night gives many of us, the feeling of being wired up to the mains with a buzzing brain! When the body shuts down at night it auto self heals but if it is unable to do so due to the high electrical charge held in the body then this self healing process is limited. 

This is so simple and yet it can have a drastic effect on the quality of everybody's sleep and general health.

The response we received was fantastic - nobody had every heard of this and spreading the word is a huge task. Go to



Shepherds Hut selected as a viewing platform

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

 Shepherds Hut used as a viewing platform

Following on from Cheltenham last week - I thought that I would continue with a racing theme and bring you details of an innovative way of viewing racehorses on the gallops:                                                                           


Blackdown® Shepherd Hut selected as no.1 gallop viewing platform

There is little doubt Robins Farm Racing can spot a winner. From a standing start one year ago, husband and wife racing professionals, Olly and Hetta Stevens', state-of-the-art training facilities, based on the Surrey/Sussex border, has helped train 17 winners, including one at Royal Ascot.

Attention to detail runs through the lifeblood of the yard and their latest acquisition has turned heads with a caring nod to both old and new. When the couple assessed gallop viewing platforms to fine tune race training, they quickly identified the perfect moveable building, a bespoke Blackdown® Shepherd Hut. 

Trainer, Olly Stevens takes the reins to explain, 'A protective covenant in the Robins Farm Deeds restricted building on the area needed for viewing gallops.  We thought hard about it and realised a tailor-made, shepherd's hut provides the ideal, weatherproof, raised-base to assess the horses from.'

'Looking at the market, we knew if we chose the right hut specialist, it would be long-lasting and totally in keeping with the stunning local countryside.'

'We own the land, so no planning was needed, and with a moveable structure, the sturdy hut could simply be moved around the gallops as needed.

The Blackdown® Shepherd Hut offers the ideal mix of traditional countryside charm, blended with a perfect, cosy, covered platform-structure to fine tune training gallops, that remains unobtrusive to the countryside and an ideal place from where owners can watch their horses train.

Built on Blackdown's signature oak chassis, the 16ft by 7ft moveable shepherd hut, has uniquely insulated Thermafleece sheep's wool insulation in the floor, walls and roof cavity, with year-round use achievable thanks to Blackdown's® double-glazed windows, professionally treated double-door and a cosy, Windy Smithy-supplied Louis Ranger wood burner.

Hetta continued, 'Choosing Blackdown® was a logical step. They were great to work with and helped personalise our hut with large windows on the front and both sides, allowing extensive views of the gallops, with floor length glass in the double doors that can be opened wide during the summer months. There is also a log-burning stove, which is lit when we have owners watching work during the winter. The colour of the steps and the natural wood was chosen to match the landscape and it always attracts the delight of our guests.'

Royal Ascot winning trainer, Olly Stevens concluded, 'Our smart Blackdown® hut impresses everyone who sees it. The workmanship is fantastic, it's incredibly versatile and fits perfectly into the surrounding Sussex countryside.'

Established in 2013 by Olly and Hetta Stevens, Robins Farm Racing has rapidly become a major player in the UK and international racing world, targeting major prizes for a wide range of clients. 

In the past year, the couple have won more than £214,000 in prize money from 17 winners and 30 placed horses, a Royal Ascot victory plus a Group Two success, all have combined to give the couple a trail-blazing start on the racing circuit.

Blackdown® Shepherd Huts options are endless, if you dream it, they’ll craft it to your reality. For info about Blackdown Shepherd Huts please see:

Four days at Cheltenham

Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Duchess of Cornwall enjoying her day at Cheltenham

Stop Headless Betting the Racing Post App

A fantastic four days racing at Cheltenham where I was spoilt rotten staying with close friends who provided me with superb badges that gave me a birds eye view of each and every race.

My £2 place betting was not very successful as my usual tactic of picking the best in the paddock proved to be very difficult as most looked stunning and the 'quality' of  the racehorses taking part was of the highest standard that I have ever seen. Usually you can eliminate those that look wrong in their coats, the ones that do not look as if they have enough class and the list goes on! Not so last week and you would be delighted to have been the proud owner of 80% of those taking part! Warm weather made a great difference as Cheltenham can be freezing and it was a real pleasure to be able to watch the last race each day without being numb with cold! Early morning fog did manage to cause disruption to those who arrive at the racecourse by helicopter and this 'ferrying' service continued after the first race on some days due to the early delays. 

Sadly four horses died and by the end of the week, four of our top jockeys had been badly injured. This is a tough sport and I felt huge respect for A P McCoy who managed to walk away from a bone crunching fall on Wednesday. He gingerly walked into the Paddock for the first race on Thursday - looking in great pain and promptly won!  He managed to get through Friday, before taking time off to recover - surely he cannot go on putting his body on the line? To top it all AP and his wife Chantelle are also coping with the serious ill health of their baby son.

Edgemere end of season Sale

Monday, March 10, 2014

Colloidal Silver could help you

This very popular End of Season Sale takes place tomorrow - Tuesday 11th March from 4.00 pm. until LATE.

I bumped into Paul, Tom, Gill and Tony of Edgemere at yesterdays point to point and Paul told me that there will be lots of genuine bargains with many items having a 50% discount.

I was busy handing out leaflets for my latest promotion - This website is well worth a visit as it has a wide range of natural and holistic (whole body) items for sale. Two particular favourites, have 'silver' as the common denominator. I use both of these items and can honestly say that I would currently be in the middle of 'flu' if I had NOT been spraying collidal silver up my nose and down my throat! 

Colloidal Silver

THIS IS A POWERFUL NATURAL ANTI-BIOTIC that is known to kill over 650 disease causing organisms. It was used in mainstream medicine as an anti-biotic up to 1938.  It is totally safe to take for humans, animals and plants, being tasteless, non-addicting and is known to help prevent colds and flu. Racehorse Trainers are beginning to use the Equine version of this. Please contact me for further details as we can supply you with the equipment to make your own. This can then be administered. via a nebuliser or injested. There are many well documented benefits but you mustt be sure you are being sold the correct 'strength' to make a difference. 

Click on Earthing Sheets - for a You Tube video which is very interesting.

DISCOVER ONE OF THE GREAT HEALTH RE-DISCOVERIES OF OUR TIME. The benefits are numerous and available to EVERYONE! Are you a poor sleeper? Do you suffer from cramps or pains during the night? Do you wake at around 4am and then can't get back to sleep again? Do you wake with a stiff or aching body?

Visit for more information and BUY.

I sett off to Cheltenham this evening - cannot wait!

Wall to wall sunshine

Sunday, March 09, 2014

Nipper and Wilson watching Crufts

A huge crowd attended today's Wynnstay point to point at Bangor on Dee Racecourse with the first race at 12 noon. I walked the course with Wilson and Nipper before the first and the larks were singing with clear blue skies. The ground staff had done a fantastic job to get the course fit for racing. The point to point course is situated inside the main racecourse and is right handed rather than the left handed National Hunt course. 

I prefer it this way round as the winning post is directly in front of the viewing bank. Left handed, the horses run towards you, having jumped the last fence and in a close finish this is not such a a good viewing angle.

The Flint and Denbigh Hunt also run their point to point at Bangor and profit/loss share with the Wynnstay. This works well as it is rare to have two days of perfect weather and as we all known - good weather is a major factor in attracting a large crowd.

I got home in time to watch a thrilling Rugby Test match with England beating Wales and winning the Tri Nations for the first time in 11 years. The racegoers at Bangor were kept fully aware of what was going on at Twickenham and I think that the majority of supporters who were at Bangor were Welsh fans. I bumped in to show jumper Toni Potts and her daughter Molly. Toni is an ardent Welsh fan and used to play Rugby in her youth and was sporting a 'Try Me' T shirt!!

Nipper and Wilson rounded off a great day watching Crufts although they did not think much of the winning Poodles 'hair' do - they prefer a more natural look!  

Well done Harry

Friday, March 07, 2014

A great day at Sandown for Captain Harry Wallace who finished third in the Grand Military Gold Cup and then won The Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother Amateur Riders Handicap Chase for Military Amateur Riders. 

This is a very fitting win as Harry is the son of my great friend Caroline Nunneley and her much admired life size bronze sculpture of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mothers Special Cargo is on display at this racecourse. Special Cargo  won three consecutive Grand Military Gold Cups between 1984 and 1986, as well as the 1984 Whitbread Gold Cup.

I have recently been promoting Caroline as she also makes hat and her Pre Cheltenham exhibition of hats, suitable for racing and weddings and other special occasions takes place near Tetbury on Sunday. The hats are modelled by Pea - Harry's sister.  

Caroline has a Facebook page so please search for Carolines Titfers.