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The National Equine Database

NED is the place to find information on over a million horses.

Providing data from official UK sources, NED can help you...

  • Search for horses and check passport details
  • Look up pedigree & progeny
  • Research performance and evaluation results
  • Link up with your own horses, add information and a photo
  • Flag up lost, stolen or missing horses
  • Select and follow your favourite horses
  • With specialist reports for business users

It is FREE to register with NED.

For more information please visit National Equine Database

Information on Equine Passports

Horse Passports (England) Regulations 2004 require all owners to obtain a passport for each horse they own. This includes ponies, donkeys, and other equidae.

For full details on Equine Passports please visit The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA)