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Login to Your Account On The Horse Exchange


To ADD AN ADVERT to The Horse Exchange you need to firstly CREATE AN ACCOUNT.
(For those of you who had adverts on our previous website, please see the NOTES below)

DON'T HAVE AN ACCOUNT?  Click HERE to Create an Account Now

Creating and Account is FREE OF CHARGE, takes seconds and only has to be done ONCE.

It enables you to see ALL YOUR ADVERTS (Horses for Sale, Equestrian Products & Services, Stallion Ads), in ONE LOCATION in your Control Panel, including any old deleted ads.

Your Personal Control Panel allows you to ADD / EDIT / DELETE your Ads as well as Upload Photos & Videos and see all the STATS for your ads. You can also easily UPGRADE your Ads to TOP PRIORITY Ads for much greater exposure.

TIP: Once logged in, if you go to EDIT MY DETAILS you can add your contact details to the Form. This only needs to be done ONCE.

Then, when you ADD an ADVERT you will see a Link at the top of the Form that says ...

"Load Contact Information from Your Account" - Click that link and all your "Contact Details" will be AUTO-FILLED into the Form for you.

If you have set up up a FREE ACCOUNT with us in the past, then at any time in the FUTURE simply LOGIN with the previous EMAIL ADDRESS & PASSWORD that you used, to go straight to your Personal Control Panel, where you can ADD / EDIT / DELETE / UPLOAD PHOTOS & VIDEOS for your Ads.

For more information on Advertising please visit How To Advertise for Free & Top Priority Ads Charges