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Consumer Protection Notes

We have outlined below the various pieces of legislation that offer protection for consumers.

Internet advertising is self-regulated through the Advertising Standard's Authority's (ASA's) Code of Practice. This states that adverts must be Legal, Decent, Honest and Truthful.

For more details see the leaflet entitled 'Advertising and Promotions' or visit the ASA website at


If an advertiser advertises a horse or pony or product or service and they are trading as a business, then they MUST declare that they are a TRADE ADVERTISER and as such they are subject to The Trade Descriptions Act 1968.

The main points of the Trade Descriptions Act 1968 can be found at:

An overview of both the civil and criminal legislation which protects consumers can be found at:

Full details of Trading Standards including the Trade Descriptions Act 1968 can be found at:


All the data in The Horse Exchange has been added by people outside of our control.

We accept NO LIABILITY whatsoever for the content or use of the data.

The user of the data should verify the accuracy of the data and assumes all liability for it's use.

The Horse Exchange will monitor the Database and remove any data that it finds offensive in any way or does not comply with the legislation above.