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Horse Sales Across the UK - 18th August 2014

Buying a horse is a big investment and owning one takes a lot of time and money. Therefore, it's a decision that you should think through carefully in order to ensure that it is right for your lifestyle. Once you have decided that you definitely want to buy a horse, you'll need to find one that fits your personality and that of other possible riders. Once you have found the right horse and are prepared to put in the effort and time to care for him properly, you can look forward to a long and happy relationship. Many people who're looking to buy a horse head to The Horse Exchange.

An In-depth Study of Each Horse

The Horse Exchange is often the first port of call for individuals who're looking to buy a horse in the UK. Run by Emma Higgin - a lifelong equestrian enthusiast, The Horse Exchange provides a safe way to buy and sell horses online. One of the biggest benefits of this website is that it enables buyers to take a closer look at the horses for sale. It provides an in-depth study of each entry and this ensures that you're able to eliminate horses that are not suited to your needs. To learn more about The Horse Exchange, visit the website today.      

The Very Best Horseboxes for Sale - 4th August 2014

Do you have horse-related items to buy and sell? Perhaps you’re looking for horseboxes? Then take a look at The Horse Exchange. The Horse Exchange is an ideal service for anyone wishing to buy, sell or hire anything related to horses and ponies, including trailers and boxes. You can advertise for free and your advert will go live within just a few hours. You can also download legal horse agreements on the site for extra protection. Why not browse the site right now if you’re looking for clothing?

A One-Stop Shop

You can search for horses of various types, colours, breeds and disciplines on the site, including sports horses and thoroughbreds to name just a couple of examples. Whether you’re looking for a stallion or a mare, you’re always likely to find the horse or pony you’re interested in through the service. There’s advice for beginners on the site, which attracts more than 60,000 different visitors every single month. You’ll see some of the best equestrian clothing and riding wear in the UK on The Horse Exchange. Take a look today if you’re interested in horseboxes. Head to the site to find out more.

Horse Sales - 21st July 2014

Have you been searching the internet and horse magazines for horses for sale but have yet to find a new equine friend that ticks all your boxes? Well if the answers yes, then do not delay in going to The Horse Exchange website at:

The Horse Exchange has a fantastic selection of horses to sale from all over the UK.  From schoolmasters to show ponies, dressage horses to show jumpers, you will hopefully find the horse of your dream advertised on The Horse Exchange.  As it is FREE to advertise on The Horse Exchange many sellers of horses choose to advertise their horse or pony on this easy to browse website. They know that out of the many thousands of viewers of this this website received every, day one is very likely to be the perfect buyer for their horse.

When browsing The Horse Exchange for horses for sale you can narrow your search down by using their detailed search option to specify your price range, location, height, breed, sex of the horse etc.,  or look at the latest horses advertised.

So when looking for your first horse to buy, a pony for your children, or your next equine friend to take you into higher levels of competition, do not delay in visiting  The Horse Exchange at

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Selling Your Horse With The Horse Exchange - 7th July 2014

If you have taken the tough decision to part with your equine friend, be he/she a Childs first pony that has been outgrown, a youngster who is ready to go out and wow the competition world, or you have simply lost interest in horse riding, then there is only one place on the internet to advertise and sell your horse online – The Horse Exchange:

In the past the grapevine, local pony club or riding club was the way to sell your horse but this relied upon contacts and word of mouth and only reached local people. Advertising your horse online is a much more effective way to reach buyers UK wide who are actively looking to buy a horse and may be interested in your animal.

So if you have decided to sell you horse online then take a look at The Horse Exchange website and you will be amazed at the options that this website allows buyers to provide information to maximise your chances of selling your horse/pony.  Above all advertising your horse for sale on The Horse Exchange is totally FREE!! You can provide a detailed description of your horse/pony for sale can post a selection of images of your horse to help in the marketing.  Prospective buyers can contact you through the website or by telephone or email dependent upon your preference.

To find out more visit

Where To Find Horseboxes For Sale - 23rd June 2014

If you’re looking for a horsebox for sale, then you should take a look at the Horse Exchange. The site was originally set up by Emma Higgin to help those who wanted horses to find the right ones. She found that she was spending a lot of her time helping friends of friends to get in touch with other friends of friends, because she knew that they had a suitable horse for sale. Setting up the website seemed a logical extension of that service. And it makes a lot of sense that the site doesn’t just contain ads for horses, but also for horsey equipment such as horseboxes.

Horseboxes, and horse trailers, are essential equipment if you want to transport horses around the country. Horseboxes are generally all-in-one vehicles, with a driving cab, and often accommodation, while horse trailers are towed behind a car or other vehicle. However, the term ‘horsebox’ is generally used for both, especially in casual use. And the Horse Exchange has plenty of ads for horseboxes, with detailed descriptions so that you can see straight away whether each one is suitable for you, and not waste any time on unsuitable equipment.

To find out more, or to find horseboxes for sale, visit

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How To Sell Your Horse - 9th June 2014

Selling your horse is not necessarily easy. With a bit of luck, someone you know will want a horse, and yours will be suitable. Alternatively, there may be a friend of a friend in the market for a good horse. But life doesn’t necessarily work like that. Instead, you may wish to turn to the Horse Exchange.

Emma Higgin set up the Horse Exchange as a way of formalising all the informal ‘putting people in touch with other people’ work that she was doing to help friends and acquaintances to buy and sell horses. When you have a horse to sell, you need to fill in a form, with details about the horse. It’s a bit more detailed than other sites may require, but should take you no more than about ten minutes. Emma suggests that the extra time is worth it to ensure that only people who are really interested get in touch with you about the horse. And it also makes sure that only those who are genuinely interested in finding the right new home for their horse fill in the form. Anyone trying to sell an unreliable horse will have to go elsewhere!

To find out more, or to sell your horse via the website, visit

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 What is The Horse Exchange? - 26th May 2014

So, you’re asking about The Horse Exchange. You must have heard of it on the grapevine! Which is interesting, because the Horse Exchange is basically a grapevine for buying and selling horses and horsey equipment. Emma Higgin has spent most of her life with horses, riding, training, and of course buying and selling. She found herself spending lots of time being asked for advice about where people could find a good horse, and could often recommend one that she had heard about from ‘a friend of a friend’. She decided to formalise the whole arrangement. Instead of hoping that people would ask her, she set up the Horse Exchange’s website,, with the help of her husband Nick.

People with a horse to sell are asked to spend a bit of time filling in the online form giving information about their horse. Emma believes that more information is much more helpful to buyers, and it also helps weed out those who just want to sell quickly, without worrying about whether the horse is right for the buyer, or the buyer for the horse. To find out more, or to browse the selection of horses and equipment available for sale via their website, visit

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Horse Trailers For Sale - 12th May 2014

If you’ve got a horse or pony, and you’re finding that you need to transport it more and more, perhaps to shows or events, or even just to the vet from time to time, it may be time to invest in a horse box or horse trailer. If you’re not sure of the difference, horse boxes have an integrated cab, and horse trailers hitch onto the back of a car. And when you’re planning to tow a horse trailer, do make sure that your car will be able to do that, as some of the bigger trailers need a 4x4, or even a van to tow them.

Buying a horse trailer, or indeed other horse products, is always going to be easier with a reliable source. Emma Higgin set up the Horse Exchange as a way of matching potential owners with horses for sale: in a way, she’s extended her personal network of friends and acquaintances to the internet. By requiring detailed information from sellers, she’s able to ensure that horses are good quality. The Horse Exchange also includes advertisements for horse products, such as horse boxes and horse trailers.

To find out more, or to browse the selection of horse trailers available for sale via their website, visit

Buying Horses Online - 9th May 2014

Are you thinking of buying a horse? Emma Higgin has been putting potential buyers of horses in touch with potential sellers for many years. She has long reckoned that using the grapevine is the best way of finding a suitable horse to buy, and has now extended that idea to enable potential buyers and sellers to use the internet. The Horse Exchange is a way of matching potential buyers with suitable horses. Advertising on the website is free, but sellers do have to spend about 10 minutes providing detailed information about the horse. As a potential buyer, that means that you’ll find lots of information about each horse, so you can see whether it’s going to be suitable for you.

Emma is absolutely clear that the site is not designed as a way to shift horses that are difficult to sell, and monitors it to make sure that nobody’s doing this. Instead, she sees it as a way to broaden the grapevine beyond just the people you know. And as a buyer, you’ll need to be prepared for the seller to ask you some searching questions to make sure that you’ll be a suitable owner, and that you’ll benefit from having the horse. To find out more, or to browse the selection of horses available for sale via their website, visit

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Where to Buy A Horsebox Online - 4th May 2014

With the show season underway and the good weather upon us you may be looking to get out and about with your horse to compete or go for a nice hack in the woods or on the beach so are looking to buy a horse trailer to transport your horse.  If so, then look no further than The Horse Exchange who has a wide selection of horseboxes for sale advertised on their website.

Whatever your budget or requirement whether you are looking to pay £5000 or £50,000 for a horsebox, require a 3 horse 7.5 tonne horsebox or a HGV horsebox , The Horse Exchange website attracts advertisers offering all makes and models of horsebox at various prices and specifications. As advertising with The Horse Exchange is free many thousands of sellers UK wide are choosing this website to advertise their horsebox for sale, horses for sale, stallions and stud and other equine services and products.

You can easily search for the horsebox that you require with their advanced search option whereby you can select the price range, location etc., and can view photographs and full details of any horsebox that you may be interested in.    You can then contact the seller by email through the website or directly by telephone as you prefer.

So if you want to get out and about this summer with your horse and are looking for a horsebox go to The Horse Exchange website at:

Sell My Horse Online  27th April 2014

If you have taken the sometimes tough decision to sell your horse then you will no doubt be looking for the very best home and to achieve the price that you think he/she is worth.  With almost every home in the UK having internet access, the days when horses were advertised for sale in local tack shops is almost gone as potential buyers are now searching the internet for horses for sale. So to be sure of reaching the widest possible audience to sell your horse you would be well advised to advertise your horse on a specialist internet selling site such as

The Horse Exchange reaches millions of viewers’ everyday so you are guaranteed that when you advertise your horse on their website your advert will be viewed by people who are looking to buy a horse and not just the general public as with non-specific sales websites.  

You can upload photographs of your horse, a full description, the price, your location  so that potential buyers can easily find your horse and view your advert before contacting you so ensuring that you have the best chance go finding a good home for your equine.  Best of all advertising your horse for sale with The Horse Exchange is FREE and you can edit or delete your advert as you wish.

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Horses For Sale - 20th April 2014

If you are looking for a horse for sale and have specific requirements such as looking for a show pony, dressage horse, a schoolmaster, or are wishing to look within a certain radius of your home or within a price range, then you need to visit the Horse Exchange website at:

The Horse Exchange is a website that advertises everything equine including horses and ponies for sale, horseboxes and trailers, equestrian equipment, products & service and stallions.

When looking for a horse for sale there are many factors to consider such as the horses height, breed, experience to date i.e. is it a novice youngster or an experienced schoolmaster, its suitability for your requirements and standard of riding, any behavioural issues such as crib biting, box walking etc., health issues etc. In fact buying a horse can be a real minefield so it is important that you have all the information to hand from a good advert before calling the buyer and making an appointment to view your prospective new horse.  

When you view the adverts for horses for sale listed on the Horse Exchange website you can search by specified criteria, view photographs of the horse and  a full description written by the seller so that you can judge if you are interested in that horse. As advertising horse for sale is free on the Horse Exchange you will find a wide selection of horses for sale for you to choose from as the Horse Exchange website is extremely popular with those selling a horse.

So for your first step in finding a horse for sale why not visit the

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Who Are The Horse Exchange - 6th April 2014

The Horse Exchange is very simply one of the leading websites for all things equestrian. They offer horses for sale, wanted or for loan, stallions standing at stud, horseboxes and trailer for sale and equine products and services.  

So whether you have a horse for sale, a horse trailer, a saddle to sell or are looking for a new horse to join your family,  it is free to advertise with The Horse Exchange. This popular website is viewed by many equestrian enthusiasts’ in the UK so you are sure to sell your horse or horsebox/trailer quickly, or attract breeders to use your stallion services.

One of the reasons why The Horse Exchange is one of the premier equestrian websites is the easy to use detailed search facility which allows prospective buyers to search with very specific requirements such as breed, price range, location, use of horse etc., and the quick links that will take you straight to what you wish to look at. You can also easily find the very latest adverts which will save you time searching through older adverts and take you quickly to what you are looking for.

By using The Horse Exchange you will not pay a penny for your advert yet you can rest assured that it will be viewed by over 60,000 unique visitors a month so giving you the best chance of selling your horse or pony, horsebox, trailer, saddle, rugs etc.

To find out more visit:

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Horses for Sale - 23rd March 2014

Whether you are looking for a child’s first pony, a happy hacker, a show cob to take you to HOYS, a stunning dressage horse, or an eventer with potential, the Horse Exchange is THE place to look online for a superb selection of horses for sale of all types, breed and prices throughout the UK.

When looking for a horse for sale at The Horse Exchange you can easily find exactly what you are looking for by using their detailed search facility which will allow you to filter your requirements.  So you can select the price you wish to pay, age of horse, breed of horse that you are interested in, the ideal gender of your horse, location where the horse is presented for sale, and the use that you are looking for e.g.  schoolmaster, show hack, sports horse etc.

When you have found your perfect horse for sale then you may also want to look at buying him/her saddlery, rugs, bedding, etc ., or even purchase a horsebox or trailer to take your new horse to shows in. The Horse Exchange also advertises equine products and services.

The Horse Exchange website really is a one stop shop for all things equestrian and if you ever decide to sell your horse then why not advertise with them for FREE!

To find out more about horses for sale or to advertise on The Horse Exchange visit their website at:

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Horses For Sale - 2nd March 2014

Buying a horse is no different to buying any other high value item from someone you don't know. It's always best to follow some standard best practices when dealing with the purchase! It's important that you do a thorough check on the horse before handing over any money so, to help you along, we've produced a few tips for when you go to view any horses for sale. Take a look at our quick tips:
The Horse – Does the horse look tired, low on energy and generally lethargic? If so, it's possible that the owner has sedated the horse before you arrived as a way of hiding any off-putting behaviour.

Environment – Where is the horse kept? If you visit the horse at the owner’s stables (as you should be doing), then what is the general upkeep and cleanliness of the property like? How well the house is kept will give you an idea of how well the horses have been treated too.

Instinct – Last of all, what does your gut tell you? You will have subconsciously picked up on countless little things during the meeting and will have formed an overall feeling about both the horse and its owner – don't ignore it!

If you would like to see horses for sale, just visit The Horse Exchange website at


Horse Trailers for Sale - 9th February 2014

If you own a horse or are considering buying a horse, you will soon realise that it can quickly become very expensive once you start buying all the equipment you're going to require. Aside from the horse itself and any costs involved in building a paddock or stables, one of the more expensive items on your list will probably be a horse trailer or horsebox. You will need a horse trailer for many different activities including taking your horse to shows up & down the country, visiting the vet if they can't come to you or taking your horse anywhere else that's too far or inaccessible without transport.

One way to reduce your costs is to buy the equipment you need second hand and by doing this, you could be saving yourself a small fortune over the lifetime of your horse. One of the best places to buy or sell horse trailers is The Horse Exchange and you will be able to find all kinds of equipment and even the horse itself if that's what you're looking for! You can take a look at the website and view everything that is currently available by visiting


Buy Quality Horses - 2nd February 2014

Buying a new horse is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly, as it’s easy to end up saddled, excuse the pun, with the wrong horse. If you jump into buying one too quickly then you may find that your new horse has health or behavioural issues, or simply isn’t ‘as advertised’. To buy quality horses you simply need to follow a few simple guidelines –

Search trustworthy ads – Search on a website that specialises in advertising horses.
Visit the horse – It’s essential to visit the horse before purchasing, but it also advisable to ride the horse and have a vet check up before committing.
Watch out for sedation – If the owner has a problem, flighty horse then they may sedate the horse for the viewing. Signs include sweat marks on the horse, tired behaviour or poor fitness.

If you are looking for quality horses, such as Thoroughbreds, show jumpers or rare breeds, then take a look at The Horse Exchange. The Horse Exchange is a website that advertises horses, horseboxes and equine equipment. Easy to navigate, the site is the first place to go when looking to buy quality horses –


Advertise Horse Sales - 12th January 2014

Whether you have a horse you'd like to sell or you're looking for a horse to buy, in order to give yourself the best chance of doing so you'll need to find somewhere which can advertise horse sales to a large enough audience. You might have the best horse in the world but if no-one sees your advertisement, no-one is going to buy it!

Opting to use a general purpose classified site will most likely result in relatively few advert viewings and little to no enquiries. So, with the buying and selling of horses being a rather niche area, it is best to use a website which has been set-up to specialise in this area in order to attract large numbers of relevant and interested viewers.

The Horse Exchange was set up to cater to all equine-related classifieds including horses, stallions, ponies, equine equipment and horse boxes. By allowing users to place a free advert, The Horse Exchange will ensure that sellers will be able to advertise their horse in a totally risk-free way and with over 60,000 unique visitors a month, you can be sure to find the perfect home for your horse. Find out more by visiting


Best Horse Classifieds - 5th Janaury 2014

Whether you are looking to sell a horse or buy one, you will need access to the best horse classifieds online.

Selling a Horse Online

Choosing a website that specialises in the sale of horses and equine related supplies, will ensure that a large number of interested parties will be viewing your classified. If, on the other hand, you choose a general classifieds website, or a general pet sale website, the majority of traffic viewing your ad will not be targeted and you probably won’t receive a great deal of response. By picking a popular equine website, you can be sure that you will receive the best price and the right owner. The Horse Exchange is an excellent place to start, as you can place a classified ad for free!

Buying a Horse Online

If you are looking to buy a horse then you will want as wide a choice as possible. Being able to sort through classifieds by breed and area will be essential. The Horse Exchange has a large database of horse classifieds, which can be narrowed down by breed and area. If you are looking for a horse, stallion, pony, equine equipment or a horsebox, you will be able to find it at


Young Ponies for Sale - 29th December 2013

If you’re looking for young ponies for sale, whether you want a show-jumper, first pony, pony club pony or a specific breed such as a Shetland, there are a few tips you should follow.

1. First pony? Buy trained

If you are an inexperienced owner then it’s essential to buy a trained pony. You may be tempted to find a young pony, but this could be a mistake. An older trained pony is likely to be calmer and easy to manage.

2. Ask lots of questions

Don’t buy the first pony you come across. Instead view numerous ponies and ask the owners plenty of questions. Ask about the pony’s temperament and background, and ensure you ride the pony or see it being ridden.

3. Never offer money upfront

Never put down a deposit on a pony before seeing it. This could be a costly mistake if you change your mind, and could potentially be a scam.

Viewing numerous horse ads online will help you to find young ponies for sale in your area. The Horse Exchange is an equine website that has countless listings of ponies and horses for sale -


Ways to Sell a Horse in the UK - 22md December 2013

If you need to sell a horse in the UK then you’ll want to gain access to as many buyers as possible, thus achieving the highest price for your horse. Whether you have a crossbreed, thoroughbred or rare breed, there are a number of methods to finding a buyer.

Word of mouth – If you’re a member of a local riding club or a breed organization, then you may be able to sell your horse by word of mouth. Ask other members if they know anybody that would be interested in buying, or put up a for sale poster at the stables.

Magazines/Newspapers – A local newspaper may be worth a try, but your ad is unlikely to be seen by many potential buyers. Horse magazines, such as Horse and Hound, allow classified ads but these generally come at a cost.

Online adverts – Putting an advert on a dedicated equine website is an excellent method of getting seen by hundreds of potential buyers. Many websites offer paid advertisements, however The Horse Exchange – is a website that allows free horse for sale adverts.

As you can see, there are many ways to sell a horse in the UK! The best thing you can do to sell your horse is to utilise as many methods as possible.

Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Horse Online - 15th december 2013

Searching online for a horse is convenient, with a huge variety of breeds and individual horses to choose from. However, it’s important to ensure that you are well informed when buying a horse online, to avoid being caught by the common pitfalls.

The majority of online horse sellers are trustworthy, reputable owners. However, there are a small minority of people that are trying to con you out of your money. To avoid losing out there are a number of measures you should take –

Never part with money before you have seen the horse – If the seller asks for a deposit or payment upfront before seeing the horse, simply refuse! No reputable seller will expect this.
Check the owner – If the horse is registered you should check that the seller is its current owner by running a check with the appropriate sporting or breed organisation.
Visit and inspect the horse - It is strongly advised that you also have a vet examine the horse before purchasing.

By following these simple measures you will have a simple, hassle-free online buying experience. If you’re interested in buying a horse online, check out the listings at


Look for Horse Sales - 8th December 2013

If you’re looking for horse sales in the UK, then you’ll invariably need to use the Internet to find the widest possible selection. This is quite straightforward if you have a popular equine breed in mind, however for rarer breeds it can be significantly more difficult.

Popular horse and stallion breeds include the Thoroughbred, Thoroughbred Cross, Arab and Irish Draught. By searching online you can often find these horse breeds for sale in your local area! However, certain breeds are sadly becoming less common, such as the Shire Horse and the Dartmoor Pony. When searching for these horses, it is essential to seek out a specialist breeder, and to continually check online to ensure that you do not miss a horse sale.

Horse Sales Online at The Horse Exchange

When searching for a specific breed it is necessary to use an equine-specific website. The Horse Exchange is dedicated to providing free horse sale listings for both common and uncommon equine breeds. The site is easy to use, and your search can quickly be narrowed down by breed. Find out more information here -


Where to Buy Horses in the UK - 1st December 2013

Are you considering buying a horse, but aren’t sure exactly where to look? Perhaps you have a specific unusual equine breed in mind, or you need to find horses in your local area? Searching for the right horse can be time-consuming and frustrating, which is why you should try to utilise as many resources as possible –

  •  Enquire at your local riding club – your local riding club may be able to point you in the direction of horses for sale.
  •  Keep an eye out – when buying feed or visiting stables, keep an eye out for horse-for-sale adverts.
  •  Search online – searching online is by far the quickest and easiest method of finding a horse. You will also have a much wider variety of horses and stallions to choose from.

Searching classified ads online is a great way to find a stallion, horse or pony for sale. The Horse Exchange is the best place to start! The Horse Exchange allows you to search for horses by postcode, which will allow you to find horses in your local area. Additionally, you can search by breed, which makes the whole process quick and simple! If you’re wondering where to buy horses in the UK, then check out the free adverts on


Free Horse Adverts - 24th November 2013

Are you looking to find the right owner for your horse, whilst also achieving the best possible price? Whether you have a Thoroughbred Stallion or a Shetland Pony, you’ll be keen to ensure that your advert receives as much exposure as possible. Paid newspaper ads or online advertisements can be expensive, and often do not reach a targeted audience. Finding free horse adverts, which target individuals in the equine market, is essential to selling your horse quickly, for the best price and to the right owner.

The Horse Exchange is an excellent resource when selling or buying horses, stallions, ponies and equine equipment. The Horse Exchange website offer free horse adverts, and as the website focuses solely on the equine market, you can be sure that all of the 60,000 visitors per month will be interested parties! Live within a few hours, your ad allows you to include a full-colour photograph and will contain essential information on your particular equine breed. Additionally you can sell or buy equine services and equipment through the website, including horseboxes and horse trailers.

If you would like to learn more about the free horse adverts offered by The Horse Exchange then visit today!


Horses for Sale - 17th November 2013

If you have found us because you are looking for horses for sale, then we're pleased to say that you have come to the right place and welcome to The Horse Exchange.

Who are we?

The Horse Exchange is a leading online advertiser of horses which are available for sale, or loan. If you have always wanted to buy a horse, then we are confident that you will be able to find the exact breed you're looking for on our website. We're pleased to announce that we have horses for sale throughout the entire UK, so no matter whereabouts you're based, we will be able to help you.

Why come to us?

Quite simply, we are passionate about helping people find the exact horse they are looking to purchase easily and quickly. We allow people to place FREE adverts on our website which means through us you will be able to find the horse you desire and there is plenty of choice!

If you are looking for Equestrian products or services, then we have a large directory for you to browse. Alternatively, if you have an Equestrian product or service that you would like to advertise, then you can do so free of charge.

For more information on using our website to find horses for sale, please contact us by clicking HERE. We will be more than happy to assist you further.